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ESF Exploratory Workshop 2013 - The Crisis of European Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Austerity: Multiculturalism and Colonial Legacies

9-11 December, 2013
IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House, University of Warwick

The current fiscal and political crisis engulfing the EU threatens to undermine a cosmopolitan project wherein diversity is seen as the solution to, rather than a problem for, political legitimacy and future action. Academic commentaries on the crisis have largely focused upon the divisions between states in the Eurozone; very few have grappled with the way in which the crisis has also exacerbated a popular politics of ethnic resentment that threatens the multicultural integrity of European publics. The proposed project will address this lacuna by retrieving and exploring alternative visions of the European project where a post-colonial ethics is integral to its cosmopolitanism. A key aspect of the project is to bring together academics with intellectuals and leaders from various communities and third sector organizations across Europe in the pursuit of this exploration. The aim is to address the politics of ethnic resentment in the current crisis by intellectually elucidating and publically communicating the proposition that European cosmopolitanism is best served with a strong multicultural ethos at its core. This project, co-organised with Dr Robbie Shilliam (QMUL), works across Sociology, Politics and History to address the deficiencies in current commentaries on the crisis of the European project through the retrieval and communication of such marginalized narratives. As such, it seeks to develop an innovative, alternative understanding of the post-war European project. The project will examine how this understanding speaks to the context of the current crisis and aims to contribute to a process of public education that critically addresses the popular politics of resentment in an age of austerity.

Monday 9th December 2013
12.00-13.30 Lunch, tea/coffee

13.30-13.40 Welcome by Convenors

Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick, UK)
Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
13.40-14.00 Presentation of the European Science Foundation (ESF) Scientific Review Group for the Social Sciences

14.00-15.00 Session 1: Opening Roundtable - Framing the Debate

Chaired by Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick, UK)
15.00-15.30 Tea/Coffee

15.30-17.30 Session 2: The Politics of Austerity and the Reshaping of Europe

Chaired by Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick, UK)
R Hladik (Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic), “The New Appeal of State-Socialist Past: The Czech Republic’s Post-Socialism in Austere Europe”
H Sicakkan (University of Bergen, Norway), “Constructions of Europe and its Others in Times of Crisis: An Analysis of Media Framings in Sixteen Countries”
P Hansen (Linköping University), “Immigration without Incorporation? EU Migration Policy in a Post-Social Europe”
Tuesday 10th December 2013
09.30-10.30 Session 3: Grounded Euro-Cosmopolitics

Chaired by Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
J Suárez-Krabbe (Roskilde University, Denmark), “European Colonial Subjects, Racism and Resistance. Decolonising Social, Economic and Cultural Rights in Europe”
M Yeğenoğlu (Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey), “Colonial Memory, Postcolonial Migrancy and the New Europe-to-Come”
10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee

11.00-12.30 Session 4: Grounded Euro-Cosmopolitics

Chaired by Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
T Teivainen (University of Helsinki, Finland), “Latin Americanization of Europe & Possibilities for Democratic Cosmopolitanism”
S Jonsson (Linköping University, Sweden), “Military Cosmopolitanism”
J Narayan (University of Warwick, UK), “Europe and Austerity: Peculiar Eurocentrism and Potential Cosmopolitanism”

12.30-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Session 5: Diasporas, Multiculturalism, and European Identity

Chaired by Ipek Demir (University of Leicester, UK)
T Sordé Martí (University of Barcelona, Spain), “The Roma Contribution to EU Construction”
C Gomis (European University Institute, Italy), “Before Multiculturalism: Educational Policies towards 'Immigrant' Children in the UK (1950-70)”
Q Gario (Independent Artist/Scholar, The Netherlands), “’We're all Latina’: King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean”
15.30-16.00 Lunch

16.00-17.30 Session 6: Diasporas, Multiculturalism, and European Identity

Chaired by Ipek Demir (University of Leicester, UK)
O Tichindeleanu (IDEA arts + society, Romania), “New East European Internationalisms and the Decolonization of Global Europe”
A Lockward (Art Labour Archives, Germany), “Black Europe Body Politics. Towards an Afropean Decolonial Aesthetics”

Wednesday 11th December 2013
10.00-11.00 Summary Roundtable: Crises and Cosmopolitanisms

Chaired by Ipek Demir (University of Warwick, UK)
11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee

11.30-13.00 Closing Session: Ways Forward, Future Projects

Chaired by Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
13.00-14.00 Lunch