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Larissa Allwork History Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Constructing the Cosmopolitan 'Stigma' of the Holocaust at the Stockholm International Forum (PDF Document)
Esra Almas School of Cultural Analysis The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
At Home: Istanbul's Cosmopolitanism and Literature and Language Politics in Turkey (PDF Document)
Peter Bal Philosophy
Radbound University Nijmegen, Netherlands
Democratic Representation Within a Globalized World (PDF Document)
Matan Barak Hebrew and Jewish Studies University College London, UK
From Ideology to Practice: Shaping of Hebrew Education in Palestine, 1890-1918 (PDF Document)
Fernando Cardoso Lima Nieto Sociology Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Power and Culture in Contemporary Brazil: the NGOs phenomenon (PDF Document)
Sybille de la Rosa Sanchez Otto-Suhr Institut fur Politikwissenschaft Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany Appropriation and Alienation: A Concept of Intercultural Understanding (PDF Document)
Clive Gabay Development Policy and Practice The Open University, UK Post-colonial Cosmopolitanism: Indian NGOs in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (PDF Document)
Kevin W Gray Philosophy American University of Afghanistan Can We Apply the Standard Model of the Public Sphere to Afghan Civil Society? (PDF Document)
James Ingram Political Science McMaster University, Canada Rethinking Universalism After the Critique of Eurocentrism (PDF Document)
Heidi Johansson Renvall Institute University of Helsinki, Finland 'My father is Egyptian, my mother Finnish: what is post-colonial about that?' On the resistance of Scandinavian authors to be inscribed into a post-colonial discourse (PDF Document)
Priyasha Kaul Sociology University of Bristol, UK Exploring 'Indianness' in Bollywood Cinema: Diaspora and the New Indian Modernity (PDF Document)
Ina Kerner Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften Humbodlt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany Racial Discourse and Antiracist Purposes - Problems of Critical Whiteness Studies in Germany (PDF Document)
Daniel Neep Politics University of Exeter, UK Violence, Modern Power, and the Spatial Construction of the Colonial State in Syria (PDF Document)
Turkay Nefes Sociology University of Kent, UK Understanding the Social and Political Relevance of Anti-Semitic Conspirational Accounts on Donmes (PDF Document)
Siobhan O'Sullivan Sociology University College Cork, Ireland Discourses of Land and Justice in South Africa (PDF Document)
Helene Petry Observatoire Sociologique du Changement Science Po, France School, Knowledge, and Technology. Towards a Global Teen Culture (PDF Document)
Alejandro Romero Reche Social Psychology University of Granada, Spain Humour as a Language for Cultural Dialogue (PDF Document)
Elisabeth Simbuerger Sociology University of Warwick, UK Selective Interpretations of the Social in Social Theory, or 'I wished those theorists had looked beyond Britain' (PDF Document)
Marek Szilvasi Philosophy University of Groningen, Netherlands Geographie Moraliste versus Liberal Order (PDF Document)
Stephen Tasson Sociology York University, Canada Responsibility Becomes Us: Responsibility in Cosmopolitan Conditions (PDF Document)
Marcela Vechionne Goncalves Political Science McMaster University, Canada At the Edge of North-South Politics: Indigenous People and Strategies of Survival in the Amazon Basin (PDF Document)