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Sarah Handyside

I am a PhD candidate in the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, part of the Department of Sociology. My research, fully funded by the ESRC, explores teenagers' engagements with social media and digital culture, and how these are both gendered and gendering. I am particularly interested in how time and space are experienced within social media, through features like continually editable 'My Story' functions, and the impacts of saving and sharing content that was originally intended to be ephemeral. I am due to begin my fieldwork in spring 2018, carrying out a range of one-to-one interviews, focus groups and other qualitative methods with groups of teenagers.

I graduated with first class honours in English Literature from the University of Manchester, before gaining an MA with distinction in Gender, Society and Representation from UCL, and my research interests are likewise interdisciplinary. Between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies I worked in PR and marketing for technology organisations, and maintain an interest in digital industries and commercial communications.

My doctoral research is supervised by Dr Maria do Mar Pereira.

Handyside, Sarah and Jessica Ringrose (2017) 'Snapchat memory and youth digital sexual cultures: mediated temporality, duration and affect', Journal of Gender Studies 26 (3), 347-360

University of Warwick: Full ESRC Studentship

UCL: Tagore Studentship
UCL: Dean's List

University of Manchester: Samuel James Woodall Prize
University of Manchester: De Quincey Essay Prize
University of Manchester: Thomas Maguire Prize

2017-2018: SO116 Sociology of Gender
2017-2018: SO244 Educational Inequalities

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