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Christina Hughes

Christina Hughes


I graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree and PhD in Sociology. Since that time, I have taught and researched in the fields of sociology, social policy and lifelong learning. I am currently serving a term as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning).

I am proud to say, with Miriam David, I was founding co-chair of the Gender and Education Association. I had previously been co-editor of the journal Gender and Education and have recently returned to the Editorial Board. I am also co-editor of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology, with Ros Edwards and Malcolm Williams and continue to serve on the board of Gender, Work and Organisation.


My research has always focussed on gender issues, whether this has been in terms of stepfamily life, educational experiences and progression or employment lives. My most recent work has been with jeweller designer makers and here I have become very interested in attributions of value in terms of the what and how of measurement. You will find a short introduction at:

My work has always also had a strong methodological focus beginning, as it did, in exploring participant observation in stepfamily life. Since that time, I have researched the dissemination of qualitative research, with particular interest in what, and who, gets heard and why. More recently, I have become very interested in: the role of quantitative approaches in feminist research where, with Rachel Cohen and Richard Lampard, we are arguing for the importance of overcoming that binary between qualitative and quantitative methodologies; with Celia Lury, exploring ecological epistemologies and standpoint theory; and with Carol Taylor, an analytical exploration of the philosophy, theory and concepts of posthumanism in relation to empirical research practices in education.


My publications include: Posthuman Research Practices in Education (2016, Ed. with Carol Taylor, London, Palgrave MacMillan); Researching Gender (2013, London, Sage); Feminism Counts: Quantitative Methods and Researching Gender (2011, Oxford, Routledge, with Rachel Cohen); Women's Contemporary Lives: Within and Beyond the Mirror (2002, London, Routledge); Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and Research (2002, London, Sage); Disseminating Qualitative Research (2003, Buckingham, Open University Press); with Loraine Blaxter and Malcolm Tight (2010) How to Research, Maidenhead, Open University Press.

The work on ecological methodologies can be accessed via:

Hughes, C and Lury, C (2013) Re-turning Feminist Methodologies: From a Social to an Ecological Epistemology, Gender and Education, 26(6): 786-799

For Feminist Methods see:

Hughes, C (2015) Feminist Research Methods, International Journal of Social Research Methodology Virtual Special Issue,

Research Methods Support

If you are currently undertaking a small piece of research or dissertation, you might find my Research Process pages helpful.

For those interested in ethics and big data, see: NCRM/IJSRM Joint Event: Data Linkage: Ethical and Social Concerns, 9 July 2015. See the presentations:

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