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Media and Module Materials

Accessing Eric Jensen's papers and book chapters

You can freely access most of Eric's papers on this website

- Translations of Eric's papers in Spanish (Espanol), Portuguese, Chinese and Italian

- 'Evaluating Children's Conservation Biology Learning at the Zoo' (published in journal Conservation Biology - journal page link here:

- Evaluating the contribution of zoos and aquariums, article just published in Conservation Biology

-Evaluating the contribution of zoos and aquariums to Aichi Biodiversity Target 1

Module Teaching and Supplementary Materials

Click HERE for course materials for the MSc postgraduate module 'Researching Science, Media and Public Policy'.

- Podcast of Dr Jensen speaking about public engagement and universities contribution to public good at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile in 2015

Presentation at Engage 2015 Conference on Public Engagement Evaluation

Enhancing public engagement evaluation - role of technology?

Presentation on Role of Volunteers in Festival-based Public Engagement

National University of Ireland- Galway presentation (14 Sept. 2012): Research on Festival Volunteering and Public Engagement

Powerpoint Slides and Audio Recording of Presentation (MP3) [.wav version of presentation audio HERE]

You can get to the research report on Student Volunteering in Festival-Based Public Engagement HERE

Research Projects


Using Social Media to Identify and Leverage Engagement (SMILE) with Arts and Culture (AHRC funded)

  • PERFORM project - Partner on European Commission-funded project. PERFORM aims to investigate the effects of the use of innovative science education methods based on performing arts in fostering young peoples’ motivations and engagement with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in selected secondary schools in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. In doing that, PERFORM takes action to overcome the remaining distance between young people and science and to break the unidirectional model of scientific knowledge transfer.
  • Qualia project - Automated Real-time Evaluation System for the Arts & Culture Sector. Project focused on developing a technology-based evaluation system for use with arts and culture audiences, including smartphone apps, sentiment analysis of social media, automated smile detection and other measures (NESTA / Arts Council / AHRC funded)
  • The Role of Technology in Evaluating Cultural Value, particularly in the context of arts and culture engagement experiences (AHRC funded critical review for the Cultural Value project)
  • Engaged Teaching and Learning within the Social Sciences: Embedding Engagement with Civil Society Organisations within the Curriculum and Higher Education Teaching Practice (Higher Education Academy funded)
  • Thought leadership project on The Role of Social Media in Public Dialogue and Policy (funded by Sciencewise). Report published on Sciencewise website HERE.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (2013), ‘Household food security: A review of Food Aid’, commissioned by UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Rapid evidence assessment on the topic of informal food assistance (including food banks) and household food security - working with Professor Liz Dowler.
  • External Evaluation of Higher Education Academy (HEA) Social Sciences Teaching Research Methods project
  • PERO: Public Engagement with Research Online (Funded by JISC)
  • Research on Conservation Education in Zoos and Aquaria (Funded by the European Commission and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)