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John Narayan

John Narayan

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow


Room number: E0.10

Telephone: 44(0)24 765 22612.

Twitter: @JohnCNarayan


John is currently a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, and was previously a research assistant in the Department. Prior to arriving at Warwick, he studied at the University of Birmingham and completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham. His research interests centre on globalisation and its relationship to social theory and democratic politics.


Fellowship Project

Coloured Cosmopolitanism: The Global Politics of Black British Activism Project

John's current research project aims to further post-colonial critiques of Sociology’s turn to cosmopolitanism, which look to rearticulate the idea of cosmopolitanism away from perceived elitism and Euro-centrism. He hopes to achieve this through a recovery of the history of the British Black Power movement and its form of Black Activism. Although Black Power is synonymous with the US, Britain also possessed its own distinctive form of Black Power movement. Whilst inspired and informed by its US counterpart, it was also rooted in African, Caribbean and Asian anti-colonial politics, New Commonwealth immigration and the onset of decolonization. Uniting African, Caribbean and Asian immigrants, such ‘Black British activism’ operated through a diverse set of activists and groups, who created a ‘Black’ political identity and formed community based responses to racism and democratic injustice. The project aims to highlight how the British Black Power movement and its forms of Black British activism provide a rich history of thought and political practice that could help to reimagine and reshape cosmopolitanism for the 21st Century.

Wider Research Interests
  • Globalisation: History (slavery, imperialism, the long 19th and 20th centuries, embedded liberalism, neo-liberalism, The Great Recession and austerity); Issues (global poverty, inequality, state power, global governance); Politics (anti-colonialism, Third Worldism, global democracy, anti/alter-globalisation, cosmopolitanism)
  • Social and Political Theory: Classical Pragmatism (John Dewey), (Neo)-Marxism (Marx, Gramsci, Frankfurt School, Jameson, Hardt and Negri), Post-Structuralism (Foucault, Derrida, Baudrillard), Global Democracy (Held, Dryzek, Bohman, Habermas).
  • Issues of Post-Colonialism: Edward Said, Frantz Fanon, Black Power and Third World Politics
Recent Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations

'Frantz Fanon and Politcal Activism' Invited Speaker, Forum for European Philosophy, London School of Economics, February 1st 2016

'Malcolm X and The Global Revoutlion: The Problem of the Global House and Field' Invited Speaker, Social Theory of Malcolm X, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, December 12th 2015

'Fanon and Europe : Decolonization and the Spectre of Coloured Cosmopolitanism' Invited Speaker at One-day Workshop on Fanon and Philosophy, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London, November 21st 2015

'Black Power and Coloured Cosmopolitanism: Over There and Over Here' Blackness in Britian, The Special Relationship: African American scholarship and its impact on Black intellectual life in Britain, Birmingham City University, October 31st 2015

'The Coloured Cosmopolitanism of Black Power: From The Black Panther Party to #Blacklivesmatter' Invited Speaker at The October Dialogues 2015:Black Lives Matter:The Past, Present and Future of an International Movement for Rights and Justice, Nottingham, October 28th 2015

'Fanon and the shifting spectrum of the Colour- line: on de-colonial and neo-imperial violence’ European International Studies Association, 9th Pan-European Conference, Sicily, Italy, September 2015

'Cosmopolitan Europe and Austerity: Eurocentricism and the Spectre of Coloured Cosmopolitanism' 12th European Sociological Association Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, August 2015

'Malcolm X: Black Power and Coloured Cosmopolitanism' presented with Dr K. Andrews (Birmingham City University), British Sociological Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, April 2015