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Juliet Rayment

BA (Hons) Philosophy and Literature
MA Social Research with Specialism in the Sociology of Health 
Research Interests
Sociology of Health and Illness, Midwifery, Women in the workplace, Gender Studies, Academic activism
Title of PhD Study
UK midwives’ strategies for managing ideological conflict and distress in the workplace
Publications and conference presentations

The WASS Collective (2007) ‘Gender Transformations in Higher Education’, Sociological Research Online 12(1);

Walley, P., Rayment, J. and Cooke, M.W. (2006) Snapshot of Clinical Systems Improvement Practices in NHS Hospital Trusts and their PCTs, University of Warwick Report.

The WASS Collective (2006) ‘Living Feminism/Learning Change: New activist spaces in Higher Education’, at Genderful Experiences, University of Birmingham 25-26 May 2006;

The WASS Collective (2006) ‘Gender Transformations in Higher Education’ at Feminisms, Sheffield Hallam University, 9 June 2006.

Rayment, J. (2005) ‘‘My pound of flesh’: An interactive workshop on the global organs trade’. The Gender and Trafficking Seminar Series 2005. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick, 6 June 2005;


Carol Wolkowitz and Hannah Bradby 


Guest lecturer: Transformations of Gender and Gender, Media and Popular Culture

Department of Sociology
University of Warwick
United Kingdom