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Leon Sealey-Huggins


Note that Leon Sealey-Huggins has transferred to the Global Sustainable Development programme in the School for Cross-Faculty Studies.

I joined the Department of Sociology in August 2015. Prior to my appointment I worked as a Teaching Fellow at the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds.

My work centres on the social relations of climate change, with a particular focus on the Caribbean region. In my research I consider the sociology and politics of climate change in the Caribbean, investigating what climate justice means in the context of global historical, and present, inequalities. I am particularly keen to bring a sociological lens to bear upon what are often very unsociological, and depoliticised, discussions of climate change.


I completed my PhD in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds in 2014. The thesis constituted a sociological investigation into the politics of climate change in the Caribbean. It involved conducting ethnographic fieldwork with actors involved in activism, public engagement and policy-making across the region. The thesis found that while there are indeed trends towards depoliticised, and unsociological, responses to climate change in and around the Caribbean, it is impossible to understand these tendencies without reference to the history of the region as a formerly colonised area. Moreover, the current trajectories of development and climate change in the Caribbean need to be understood in relation to more recent shifts towards forms of neoliberal governance.

My general research interests centre on and around: the sociology of climate change in the Caribbean; the conditions of contemporary higher education; explorations in activist-scholarship; and the impacts of neoliberalism on contemporary societies.

Teaching and Supervision

I have a broad range of teaching experience in sociology including having taught on introductory social theory and research methods courses, and more specialist environmental sociology modules.

I co-convenine the following methods courses:


Peer reviewed journal articles

Book reviews

  • November 2012, Book Review of Motta and Nilsen (2011) ‘Social Movements in the Global South’, in Social Movement Studies in Vol 11 Iss 1, p123-125
  • June 2012, Review of John Urry’s (2011) ‘Climate Change and Society’, in Sociology, Vol 46 No 3 p549-550
  • April 2012, Review of John Holloway’s (2010) Crack Capitalism, in Sociology, Vol 46 No 2, p385

Selected non-academic publications

  • Discover Society, DS35 August 2016, Imaging the Anthropocene, Policy Briefing: Oil, Conservation and Development in Belize
  • Red Pepper, Magazine – ‘Trouble at the sausage factory’, co-authored with Andre Pusey
  • Leeds Student, newspaper – contributed various articles (2005 - 2008) including on: climate change; recycling in Leeds; and cycling in Copenhagen.
  • Green Guide: Towards Sustainable Living in Leeds – contributed the recycling and water conservation sections. University of Leeds supplied to all first year undergraduate students.

Selected conference papers and invtied presentations



Twitter: @leon_ayo

Room: D0.24, Social Sciences Building