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Brexit Migration Watch

Brexit Migration Watch, a new Open Democracy series...

It is clear that Brexit is going to have significant impacts on immigration and asylum law, policy, and the lives of immigrants in the UK. And yet if the likelihood of significant ‘implications’ is clear, what Brexit will actually look like, and what specific policy, legal or other changes we can expect remains unclear. In response, Open Democracy plans to publish an ongoing series, edited by Lucy Mayblin (Warwick University) and Cameron Thiebos (Open Democracy) on the theme of Brexit and Migration. As Brexit unfolds over the coming months and years we will provide a space for expert analysis and reflection.

If you have an idea for an article based on your own research or professional expertise, please email Lucy Mayblin ( and/or Cameron Thibos ( with a short pitch of up to 300 words and a short (no more than two sentences) bio.

Areas of interest include:

- Post-Brexit immigration policy in relation to EU, Commonwealth or other migrants

- Post-Brexit migration for study to the UK, student visas and higher education

- Brexit: implications for refugees and asylum seekers

- Legal implications in relation to immigration and asylum law & Brexit

- The rights of EU citizens living in the UK post-Brexit

- Focus on particular sectors affected by possible limits on labour migration e.g. agriculture or hospitality

- What will Brexit mean for the Common European Asylum System, Schengen, and/or Freedom of Movement within the EU?

- The impacts of Brexit on migrants e.g. hostility, harassment, solidarity, job opportunities, family reunion, plans to stay or go

- Brexit, the far right, and anti-immigrant sentiment

- Brexit and the refugee and migrant third sector (Charities, NGOs, community organisations etc).

Contributions are welcome from academics, activists, NGOs, lawyers, policymakers, politicians, and others with expert knowledge of an aspect of immigration policy, law, advocacy or research.

Articles which are commissioned will be 1000-2000 words, will be edited to ensure they are accessible to a broad audience, and will have around a 3 week turn around.