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Current Activities



Engage challenges left and liberal antisemitism in the labour movement, in our universities and in public life more generally. Antisemitism here, manifests itself mainly as anti-Zionism.


Jews for Justice in Palestine

Jews for Justice for Palestinians is a network of Jews who are British or live in Britain, practising and secular, Zionist and not. We oppose Israeli policies that undermine the livelihoods, human, civil and political rights of the Palestinian people.



Founded in 1951, BSA members are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds - research, teaching, students and practitioners in a variety of fields. The BSA provides a network of communication to all who are concerned with the promotion and use of sociology and sociological research.

Its mission is to represent the intellectual and sociological interests of our members.The British Sociological Association is the professional organisation representing sociologists in Britain.



The International Sociological Association (ISA) is a non-profit association for scientific purposes in the field of sociology and social sciences. The ISA was founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO. The goal of the ISA, is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion, and to advance sociological knowledge throughout the world. Its members come from 109 countries.


European Journal of Social Theory

European Journal of Social Theory brings together social theorists and theoretically-minded social scientists with the objective of making social theory relevant to the challenges facing the social sciences in the 21st century.

European Journal of Social Theory's conception of social theory is broad-ranging including all varieties of contemporary social and political thought, such as: critical theory · the approaches of Habermas, Bourdieu, Touraine, Luhmann, Giddens · neofunctionalism · postmodernism · critical realism · the sociology of knowledge · rational choice · constructivism · feminist social theory · marxism · communitarianism · hermeneutics