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!964-1967 I was an undergraduate at the University of Oxford. I initially studied Latin and Greek and then graduated in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. 1967 I went to Columbia University as a Graduate Student in Sociology. I was research assistant to George Fisher and worked at times for Amitai Etzioni, Emmanuel Wallerstein and Sai Goode. I had two interesting years teaching Sociology at Brooklyn College, CUNY. It was a politically tempestuous period and I was more active in the anti-war movement than in my PhD. I came back to the UK in 1973 to become Lecturer in Sociology, University of Warwick, where I stayed ever since. I was active in Socialist Organiser, Workers Liberty, anti-apartheid and other radical and antiracist organisations. I was enthused by the trade union movement in South Africa and the antiracism it constructed, and my doctorate addressed relations between labour and nationalism in South Africa. On the theoretical level I sought to reconstruct the relation of Marx to the enlightened 'rights' tradition and especially to Rousseau, Adam Smith, Kant and Hegel. I have been involved in developing a cosmopolitan paradigm in the social sciences and in applying it to such issues as military intervention, the human rights revolution and antisemitism. I have a 28 year old daughter, Shoshana, who works in Paris in the area of migration. My current intellectual projects are on cosmopolitanism and antisemitism and Arendt's contribution to sociology and I have plenty more in mind.

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