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‘Cosmopolitanism; Past and Future’ conference

Department of Sociology, Universityof Liverpool

18-19 November 2005


Friday 18 November 2005



Robert Fine, Vivienne Boon


Session 1

Chair: Gerard Delanty

Ulrich Beck (University of Munich, Germany) - Cosmopolitanism - Europe's Way out of Crisis


Session 2

Chair: Charles Turner

Nick Stevenson (University of Nottingham) – European Cosmopolitan Solidarity: Questions of Citizenship, Difference and Post-Materialism


Vivienne Boon (University of Liverpool, UK) –

Cosmopolitan constellation(s); Europe’s relation to Otherness


Session 3

Chair: Matthew David

Gerard Delanty (University of Liverpool) – Cosmopolitanism and Global History


Maria Pia Lara (University Autonóma Metropolitana, Mexico) –

Meanings of Cosmopolitanism from a 1st and 3rd world perspective


Saturday 19 November 2005


Session 4

Chair: William Smith

Nikos Papastergiadis (University of Melbourne, Australia) – Cosmopolitanism and the question of fear and violence


Natan Sznaider (Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel) - The Ambivalence of Hannah Arendt's Jewish Cosmopolitanism


David Hirsh and Robert Fine (University of Goldsmiths, University of Warwick, UK) – Cosmopolitanism and anti-zionism


Session 5

Chair: Vivienne Boon


Daniel Chernilo (University Alberto Hurtado , Chile) – cosmopolitanism and classical sociology


Isabel Estrada Carvalhais (University of Minho, Portugal) Reconfiguring the nation


Session 6

Chair: Robert Fine


Alessandro Ferrara (University of Rome, Italy) –Cosmopolitanism and Judgement


William Smith (University of Warwick, UK) –Cosmopolitanism and Deliberative Democracy