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Authored books

 cosmopo  Robert Fine, Cosmopolitanism, Routledge as part of the 'Key Ideas' series, 2007. 200pp.

Book Cover

Robert Fine, Democracy and the Rule of Law: Marx’s Critique of the Legal Form, Caldwell, New Jersey: The Blackburn Press, 2002, 231pp. (new edition with new Preface)


Robert Fine, Political Investigations: Hegel, Marx, Arendt, London: Routledge, 2001, pb and hb, 176pp.



Robert Fine and Charles Turner (eds.) Social Theory after the Holocaust, Liverpool University Press, October 2000, 266pp.


Edward Mortimer and Robert Fine (eds.) People, Nation and State, London: IB Tauris, 1999, 166pp .


Robert Fine, Being Stalked: A Memoir, Chatto and Windus, 1997, 166 pp.


Robert Fine and Shirin Rai (eds.), Civil Society: Democratic Perspectives, Frank Cass, London, 1997, 172 pp.


Robert Fine and Dennis Davis, Beyond Apartheid: Labour and Liberation in South Africa, Pluto, London, HB Sept 1990, PB Sept 1991 and Ravan Press, Johannesburg, July 1991.  338pp.


Bob Fine and Robert Millar (eds.), Policing the Miners' Strike, Lawrence and Wishart and Cobden Press, London, 1985. 243 pp.


Bob Fine, Democracy and the Rule of Law: Liberal Ideals and Marxist Critiques, Pluto, London, 1984 and 1985, 231pp.


Bob Fine, Richard Kinsey, John Lea and Jock Young (eds.), Capitalism and the Rule of Law, Hutchinson, London, 1979. 200pp.

























Political Investigations: Hegel, Marx, Arendt - Reviews