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Research Interests

ESRC Award Holder 2003-4 ‘The elaboration of a paradigm: cosmopolitanism and military intervention’ (£44,241).

Director and co-director, with Prof. Peter Wagner, of the Social Theory Centre, University of Warwick from September 1996 to September 2001.

Co-recipient of a number of Warwick Research and Teaching Innovations Fund awards and a three-year grant from the University Infrastructure Fund for the establishment of the Social Theory Centre, 1997-98.

Co-recipient of an ESRC Research Seminar Award on Social Theory and Major Social Transformations (together with Profs. Peter Wagner and William Outhwaite, £15,000, 1997-98).

Organiser and co-organiser of six international seminars, Social Theory Centre conferences on Social Theory after the Holocaust; Reading the Communist Manifesto: 150 Years Later (June 1998); and The Life and Work of Gillian Rose (December 2000); Social Theory Annual Lectures delivered by Prof. Alain Touraine, Prof. Hans Joas and Prof. Zygmunt Bauman 1997-2001; Social and Political Thought Visiting Seminars at the University of Warwick 1997-2001.