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PhD Students

Completed doctoral students :


The following titles are inexact. Many of these former students, whom I supervised or co-supervised, are now teaching and researching in universities, research institutes and in some cases trade unions in the UK and abroad.

1. Jonathan Grossman (British Council PhD 1985) on the South African Communist Party 1921-1961;

2. Martin Winn (ESRC PhD 1986) on the Sociology of Magistrates' Courts;

3. Mark Urbanowicz (ESRC PhD 1986) on The Politics of Policing;

4. Mick O'Sullivan (PhD 1991 with local government support) on Local Government Trade Unionism in Haringey 1966-1986;

5. Monageng Mogalakwe (Botswana government award, PhD 1994) on State-Labour Relations in Botswana;

6. Sean Watson (ESRC PhD 1997) on ‘discourse ethics and policing’;

7. Jeff Rudin (ESRC PhD 1997) on local government trade unionism in South Africa;

8. Yunus Mahommed (British Council PhD 1998) on industrialization in South Africa;

9. Philip Walsh (British Academy, PhD 1998 with Gillian Rose) on scepticism and philosophy;

10. Murat Kose (Turkish Islamic scholarship, PhD 1998) on law and authority in the work of Raz and Flathman;

11. David Seymour (ESRC, PhD 1999) on critical theories of antisemitism;

12. Kakia Goudeli (Greek government award PhD 1999 with Gillian Rose) on Schelling and German idealism;

13. Lee Marshall (ESRC, PhD 2001) on authorship and copyright;

14. Ben Leyshon (AHRB, PhD 2001 with Gillian Rose) on the idea of incompletion in social theory;

15. David Hirsh (PhD 2001, self funded) on crimes against humanity and the coming of age of cosmopolitan law;

16. Catherine Dodd (PhD 2003 Canadian government fellowship, co-supervised with Dr Bendelow) on moral and legal responsibility in relation to AIDS;

17. Isabel Carvalhais (PhD 2004, Portuguese government award) on postnationalism;

18. William Smith (PhD 2003, ESRC, co-supervised with Professor Susan Hurley) on normative theories of civil disobedience;

19. Daniel Chernilo (PhD 2004 Chilean Fellowship) on the nation state in sociological theory;

20. Rolando Vazquez (PhD 2005, Mexican government scholarship) `Questioning Modern Time with Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin’

21. Guido Starosta (PhD 2006, University of Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship) on Marx’s theory of subjectivity;

22. Chungmin Kang (PhD 2006, Korean state scholarship) on Arendt and Foucault;

23. Nick YeMyint (PhD 2006, self funded) on the work of Herbert Marcuse;

24. Rosario Laratta (PhD 2006, Italian state funded) on civil society in Coventry and Tokyo.

25. Alex Price (PhD 2007, co-supervised with Peter Wagner) on things in social theory.

26. Milena Stateva (PhD 2008 funded by small awards) on understanding victims of violence.

27. Ramin Mirfakhraie (self funded, co-supervised with Steve Fuller) on the justifications of Western intervention in Iraq and Iran.

28. Rodrigo Cordero (Chilean government award) on crisis and critique in social theory.

29. Paul Anderson (University of Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship, co-supervised with Steve Fuller) on ownership, ecology and social change

Current doctoral students:

  • Paraskevi Gikopoulou (self funded) on the Greek Holocaust and Understanding Evil
  • Joshua Lowe (ESRC funded, co-supervised with Charles Turner) on Legitimacy of the Modern Age.
  • Emma Lowman (co-supervised with Clare Anderson) on Missionary History in British Columbia.


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