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Teaching Materials

I am officially retired from teaching at Warwick but I am still convening two courses:
  • Social Theory of Law for 2nd year LLB and BA students in Sociology, Law-Sociology and Law
  • Sociology of Modernity for MA students especially but not exclusively in Social and Political Thought

BA Sociology and Sociology Joint Degrees
Modules 2010-2011
Social Theory of Law: Rights and Revolution        
Modules 2009-10
Sociology of Human Rights 
Theoretical Ideas in Sociology (2nd term)
Modules 2008-9
Theoretical Ideas in Sociology 
Marx's Social Theory

MA Social and Political Thought 

Modules 2010-2011
Sociology of Modernity I        
Modules 2009-2010
Politics and Social Theory 1 
Sociology of the Holocaust
Modules 2008-9
Politics and Social Theory 1 Reading List and Module Outline  
Sociology of the Holocaust 

Other Modules from previous years