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Week 2: Posing a Problem Historically: Human Cruelty and Human Rights (PDF Document)

Week 3: Toward a Sociology of Human Rights: Human Frailty and Human Rights (PDF Document)

Week 4: Promises, Promises: Revolution and the Rights of Man (PDF Document)

Week 5: Universalising the Rights of Man: Kant's Cosmopolitan Point of View (PDF Document)

Week 7: The Decline of the Rights of Man: Hannah Arendt's genealogy of rights. PPT (PDF Document) / Lecture Notes (PDF Document)

Week 9: 'Never Again': The beginnings of the modern human rights revolution (PDF Document) 


Week 2: Marx's Critique of Rights (PDF Document)

Week 3: Marxisms and Human Rights (PDF Document) (additional notes on Pashukanis (PDF Document) and Thompson (PDF Document))

Week 4: The West and the Rest: The Dialectics of Universality and Particularity (PDF Document)

Week 5: Human Rights and Radical Politics (PDF Document)

Week 7: Miserable comforters? International law, rights and power (PDF Document)

Week 8: 'Critical criticism'and human rights: the joys of trashing (PDF Document)