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PDF Readings

To download the required readings, please follow this link:

(Course Scanned Extracts, Main Library)

or check the following list (2nd term):

- Zizek, Slavoj (2005) 'Against Human Rights', New Left Review 34 (PDF Document)

- Ranciere, Jacques (2004) 'Who is the subject of human rights?', South Atlantic Quarterly 103 (2/3) (PDF Document)

- Brunkhorst, Hauke (2008) 'The Legitimation Crisis of Human Rights' (PDF Document)

- Fine, Robert (2011) 'Dehumanising the dehumanisers: the problem of reversal in human rights discourse', Journal for Global Ethics (special issue on 'Critical Theory and the Language of Violence') (PDF Document) 

- Hunt, Lynn (2007) Inventing Human Rights (PDF Document) Ch2, (PDF Document) Ch3, (PDF Document) Ch4, (PDF Document) Ch5, (PDF Document)Int

- Anghi, Antony (2004) 'On Making War on the Terrorist: Imperialism as Self-defence', in Imperialism, Sovereignty and the Making of International Law (PDF Document)

- Douzinas, Costas (2007) Human Rights and Empire, Ch1 (PDF Document)

- Fine, Robert (2010) 'Political Argument and the Legitimacy of International Law' (PDF Document)

- Neumann, Franz (1937) 'The Change in the Function of Law in Modern Society' (PDF Document)

- Arendt, Hannah (1969) 'Thoughts on Politics and Revolution', in Crises of the Republic (PDF Document)

- Poulantzas, Nicos (1978) 'Law and Terror', in State, Power, Socialism (PDF Document)

- Kapur, Ratna (2005) Erotic Justice, Ch 4 (PDF Document)

- Butler, Judith (2008) 'Sexual politics, torture and secular time', British Journal of Sociology 59 (1) (PDF Document)

- Fine, Robert (2002) Democracy and the Rule of Law, Ch2 (PDF Document), Ch4(PDF Document), and Ch7(PDF Document)

- Fine, Robert (2007) Cosmopolitanism, Ch5(PDF Document) , Ch6(PDF Document)

- Marx, Karl (1844) 'On the Jewish Question' (PDF Document)

- Pashukanis, Evgeni (1983) Law and Marxism, Ch4(PDF Document)

- Thompson, Edward (1976) Whigs and Hunters: The Origins of the Black Act, Conclusion (section 'The Rule of Law') (PDF Document)