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Dr Rosario Undurraga

Research interests

Un/paid work, women, working time, work-life balance, feminism, Latin America.

PhD research

Women and Work in Chile - Despite Chile's outstanding economic performance, women's participation in the workforce is low. The study explores the factors accounting for the low Chilean participation rates in the labour force from women’s perspective.

Thesis title: 'Between family and work: women’s participation in the labour market in Chile'.

Supervisors: Professor Nickie Charles and Professor Annie Phizacklea

Examiners: Professor Diane Elson and Dr Carol Wolkowitz


PhD in Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK (2007-2011)

MA in Comparative Labour Studies, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK (2004/2005)

BA in Psychology and Psychologist, Department of Psychology, Universidad Católica de Chile (1997–2001)

Associate of Social Studies and Liberal Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile (1995–1996)


Undurraga, Rosario (2011) Extended Review in C. Hughes and R. Cohen (eds) Feminism Counts: Quantitative Methods and Researching Gender, London: Routledge.

Undurraga, Rosario (2010) 'How quantitative are feminist research methods textbooks?' International Journal of Social Research Methodology 13(3) 277-281.

Hunt, Abigail and Undurraga, Rosario (2009) 'From rhetoric to reality: a critical analysis of the National Action Plan for the Achievement of Gender Equality in Kosovo', Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism 9(1) 49-69.

Book Reviews:

Undurraga, Rosario (2011) The Politics of Motherhood: Maternity and Women’s Rights in Twentieth-Century Chile by Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney, 2009. Bulletin of Latin American Research 30(3) 388-390.


April 2011. Paper/Roundtable: 'Why do women in Chile participate so little in the labour market?’. The British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2011, London School of Economics.

January 2011. Paper title: 'How would you define work? Recognition and identity in relation to the conceptualisation of work'. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick. Seminar series. Session: Women and Work.

June 2010. Paper title: 'Women's social networks and class: exploring the low female participation in the workforce in Chile'. GWO Gender, Work and Organization. University of Keele, England. Stream: Globalisation Today: Gender, Work and Employment in Latin America ; Sexual Politics.

April 2010. Paper title: 'Policies and politics on women and the labour market: The case of Michelle Bachelet Presidency in Chile'. BSA The Bristish Sociological Association Annual Conference 2010: Inequalities and Social Justice. Glasgow Calendonian University, Glasgow.

February 2010. Paper title: 'Women on board: Policies for women in Chile? The case of Michelle Bachelet Presidency'. Shifting Agendas, PSA (UK) Women and Politics, University of Manchester.

September 2009. Paper title: 'Local in the field, outsider in the classroom: interviewing women in Chile'. IAS (Institute of Advanced Study), University of Warwick. IAS Workshop: Undertaking Field Research in (Semi-) Developing Countries: Theory and Practice in Politics and Sociology.

July 2009. Paper title: 'The Work of Culture in the Culture of Work: The meanings of work among upper/middle and working-class women in Chile'. Centre for Women's Studies, University of York. Conference: Gendering East/West.

February 2009. Paper title: 'The barriers that women experience in having paid work in Chile'. Centre of Latin American Studies (CLAS), University of Cambridge. PILAS Conference: Bicentenary: Approaching 200 Years of Latin American Independence.

February 2009. Paper title: 'Researching on women and work: Reflections on the interview process and interview skills'. The Centre for Gender Studies, Stockholm University. Conference: Feminist Research Methods - An international conference.

October 2008. Paper title: 'Mujer y Trabajo en Chile'. Embassy of Chile, London. Primera jornada de estudiantes chilenos de postgrado en el Reino Unido. Conference: Postgrado en el Reino Unido: una oportunidad y un desafio.

May 2008. Paper title: 'A critical analysis of the National Action Plan for the Achievement of Gender Equality in Kosovo'. PAIS (Political and International Studies), University of Warwick. Seminar Intersection of Gender, Ethnicity and 'Race' in Collective Violence and Armed Conflict.


Organising Committee at University of Warwick

Graduate Seminars 2009/10. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick. See programme. 2009/10

Study group: Women, work and participation. Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick. 2009/10

II Annual PG Conference 'Work in progress'. Sociology Department, University of Warwick. Organising Committee. Dec 2007


Employment experience

I. University of Warwick, England

1) Seminar Tutor: Sociological Imagination and Investigation (Sociology, UG); Sociology of Work and Employment (Warwick Business School, PG); Management, Organisations and Society I (Warwick Business School, UG) (2007-2009)

2) Residential Staff: Resident Tutor Jack Martin 4 (2007- 2010)

II. Fundacion Chile, Chile

1) ICDL Exernal evaluator (2006)

2) Skills and Standard Certification Network Assistant (2006)

III. Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile

1) MIDE UC. English Test - Project Leader (2005-2006)

2) DocenteMas The Chilean Teacher Evaluation System - Evaluators' Group Coordinator (2003-2004)

3) Seminar Tutor: Behavioural Theory I (Psychology, UG); Personnel Training (Psychology, UG) (2000-2001)

IV. IBM, Chile

1) Human Resources Analyst (2001-2003)

2) Internship in Learning Services and Human Resources (2000)


Funding & Awards and others

Funding & Awards: Beca Presidente de la República, Chilean government (PhD funding 2007-2010); BSA funding for attending conference 2010; First prizePhD poster competition 2009, Festival of Social Siences, University of Warwick; Funding for the 2nd Interdisciplinary PG Research Conference.

President Warwick Latin American Society 2008/09, University of Warwick.

Volunteer work focused on vulnerable families and children in Chile (1991-1995), at Fundación Trascender designing and delivering workshop for ‘Fundación Techo para un Hermano’ to help disadvantaged people to find and keep a job and in the recruitment and selection process for ‘Fundación Trabajo en la Calle’ in Santiago (2004/05), and with refugees in the Peace House Coventry (2010-2011).



BSA (British Sociological Association), FWSA (Feminist and Women's Studies Association, UK & Ireland), WRC (Women's Resource Centre).

PhD Supervisors

Professor Nickie Charles ; Professor Annie Phizacklea



My research interests are related to working time, women’s participation in the labour force and work/life balance. My PhD research is on Women and Work in Chile. I aim to explain the low female participation rate in the workforce from the perspective of women. I explore their choices and reasons to whether or not have paid work, the concept of work, the barriers and facilitators for having paid work and further implications. The study uses a feminist conceptual framework.

My master dissertation was on 'The length of the working week and its impact on work-life balance: contemporary trends in advanced industrial societies'. I did my undergraduate studies in Chile at the Universidad Catolica de Chile. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology as well as Associate of Social Studies and Liberal Arts. I worked at IBM Chile as HR Analyst, at Universidad Catolica in the project DocenteMas and at Fundacion Chile.

Rosario Graduation July11

Department of Sociology
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

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