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Ruth Morton

BA Sociology (Warwick) 2001
PGCE (PCET) (University of Greenwich) 2005
MA  Social Research (Warwick) 2006
Research Interests
My research interests are in the Sociology of Education, particularly around alternative forms of education, which are currently under-researched.  I have carried out research looking at private education and my current research focus is on home education in the UK, an area in which there is little existing research but which is a growing educational phenomenon.
Title of PhD Study
Motivations and Practices in Home Education : An Exploration
Home education is a growing phenomenon both in the UK and worldwide.  However, it remains an area in which little research has been carried out.  Using a qualitative approach, this research will consider the interaction of individuals and structures in the decisions taken by families about home education.  Drawing on work in the Sociology of Childhood, this research aims to investigate both parents' and children's experiences of home education, making them central to the research process.   Against a background of growing public and political concern about the 'failures' of school-based education, this research will examine the motivations and practices of home educating families in England, to contribute to the understanding of the growth of the home education movement and the contributions that this movement has to make to broader educational policy and practice. 
'School Communities, Institutional Structures and the Negotiation of Transitions: the identities of sixth form girls in the UK'  - paper presented as part of the Identities Conference at the University of Warwick, Dec 2006


Department of Sociology
University of Warwick
United Kingdom