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Kristy Warren


Welcome to my ePortfolio! The following pages outline my research activities and interests. I am passionate about my topic and always happy to speak with anyone who is interested in my work.

About Me

I completed my PhD in the Sociology Department at the University of Warwick in 2012 under the supervision of Bob Carter, Clare Anderson and Cecily Jones. My thesis investigates the social dynamics and ideologies found in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda that ground various points of view concerning the question of independence, and is entitled

A Colonial Society in a Post-Colonial World:
Bermuda and the Question of Independence

Situated in an analysis of the island’s past, this thesis investigates how Bermudians have historically defined belonging in the political sphere and public spaces according to ‘race’ and class and how this affects the way in which they interact with each other and regard their relationship with the United Kingdom. The study critically engages with postcolonial theory and asks what the existence of this 21st century colony says about the processes of colonialism and post-colonialism. It also considers how this study fits with other research concerning other remaining Overseas Territories to show the value of conducting in-depth studies of specific societies.

By surveying archival documents and conducting interviews a fuller understanding of the political and social development of this island is gained, as viewed by colonial administrators, local government officials, and those who publicly challenged the norms that allowed for social and political inequality on the island. These methods are used to engage with questions of how ideas of self and nation were shaped by segregationist formal education and the ways in which this was either reinforced or challenged by what was taught around the kitchen table and in the wider society. It explores how trade unionist and the fledgling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) saw a move to independence as part of a wider aim to rectify social injustices. The continuity and change in the debate is then reviewed to see how and the extent to which changes both internally and externally interact with narratives of the past to inform how those involved in the debate imagine the island’s future.

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Kristy Warren


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