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Conference Papers And Other Presentations

Invited to present ‘The Social and Political Roots of the Independence Debate in Post-World War II Bermuda’ at the Caribbean Research Seminar in the North, University of Manchester, UK, Sept 2012;

'How History Matters' presented as the Annual Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson and Cyril Packwood Memorial Lecture for the Bermuda Government's Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, August 2011;

‘Questions of Independence in a 21st Century Colony’ presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, June 2011;

‘ Independence as Counter Narrative’ presented at the 12th Annual SALISES Conference at the University of West Indies Mona Campus in Jamaica, March 2011;

‘Narrative and Counter Narrative in Bermuda Historiography’ presented at the Bermuda National Library, January 2011;

‘The Colonial Archive and Independence Debates in the British Oversees Territory of Bermuda’ presented at The Archive and Everyday Life Conference at McMaster University in Canada, May 2010;

‘The Post-emancipation Re-enslavement of Black British Subjects’ presented as part of the Bermuda Archives’ ‘History Speaks’ Summer Lecture, August 2009; also presented at Freedom and Liberty ? : The Archival Record and Caribbean Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation held at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, October 2007;

‘It’s Bigger than Hip Hop’ presented at the Kaplan Centre’s Jewish Journeys Conference held at the University of Cape Town , January 2007