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Isobel Gutteridge

My name is Izzy Gutteridge and I am in my second year of a part time PhD in the Sociology Department.

Broadly my research interests are within sociology of childhood, girlhood, tween culture, cultural sociology, media, postfeminism, new media, celebrity culture, fandom practices, ethnographic research, qualitative and quantitative research methods.

After completing my BA in Sociology in 2008 I decided to stay at the University of Warwick to do my Masters in Social Research Methods. After finishing in 2009 I worked for the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency as a researcher. When the project was completed I worked for a consultancy company as a socio economic researcher before starting my PhD last October.

My PhD research focuses on pre teen girls, or tweens. For my PhD research I have chosen to explore tween culture and girls’ consumption of it through the tween celebrity persona of Miley Cyrus and girls’ fandom practices online.

I am particularly interested in how the Internet has changed the production of celebrity and the ways in which it may enable global fandom practices. The sites for my research reflect this, as I will be analysing Twitter and the tween social networking site Stardoll. I intend to analyse my data through discourse and semiotic analysis. Having completed the upgrade process last year I am moving on to the empirical stage of my research.

In addition I am going into my second year of teaching ‘Researching Society and Culture’, which is an undergraduate research methods module. I really enjoyed my first year of teaching and am looking forward to beginning the new year.

I am active within the department organising research events, for example I was part of the team co coordinating the annual postgraduate interdisciplinary conference, ‘Social Science and Cultural Politics’ which attracted speakers and attendees from all over the world. This year I am part of the committee organising the ‘Women and Gender Seminar Series’.

I work as a Postgraduate Ambassador for Warwick University. This involves setting up a postgraduate network, promoting the university and improving the postgraduate student experience.

In my free time I like to go swimming once a week to keep fit. In addition I go to jazz and ballet classes during term time. To relax I enjoy going to the cinema and reading.

Izzy Gutteridge

Isobel Gutteridge

i dot gutteridge at warwick dot ac dot uk