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Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

  • Post-socialism in Eastern Europe
  • Work and the lifecourse
  • Labour market mechanisms, globalisation, and marketisation
  • Maritime labour
  • Ethnography; methodology, especially the interface of ‘qualitative' and ‘quantitative' methods; visual methods
  • Masculinities and work

                Academic history

                2009–2012: sessional teacher in Sociology (part-time), University of Warwick, Department of Sociology, Coventry, UK;

                Ph.D. Sociology, 2012

                  M.A. Social and Political Thought, 2007

                  M.A. European Studies, 2006

                  • Sofia University, Bulgaria;
                  • Specialism: Euro-Atlantic safety and security;
                  • Dissertation: Оценка на въздействието на публични политики в условията на членство в ЕС: опитът на Великобритания (Regulatory Impact Assessment of public policies in the context of EU-membership: the British experience);

                  • Supervisor: Prof. Nelly Ognyanova.

                  B.A. Sociology, 2002–2006 (unfinished)

                  • Sofia University, Bulgaria;
                  • Four-year full time programme; all exams passed; dissertation postponed due to beginning of M.A. at Warwick.

                  B.A. European Studies, 2004

                  • Sofia University, Bulgaria;
                  • Majors: English and German language and culture; law (Bulgarian and EU);
                  • Other languages studied: German (advanced); French (beginner).

                  Secondary school, 1996–2000

                  • ‘Geo Milev’ English Language Secondary School, Bourgas, Bulgaria;
                  • With honours, 6.00 (GPA equivalent: A, 100%);
                  • Second foreign language: German.

                  Graduate training (Warwick)

                  Post Graduate Award Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice (2010–2011, in progress, portfolio due for submission in April 2012)

                  Writing and Publishing Sociological Research: A three-day residential seminar and workshop for graduate research students in the social sciences (June 21-23, 2010, Sala Toscana, Prato Centre, Italy, Convened by Prof Denise Cuthbert & Dr Jo Lindsay, Sociology Program, Monash University, in conjunction with the Universities of Kent, Warwick, Plymouth and Newcastle)

                  Warwick Graduate school skills programme (2010–2011)

                  • 'Research and the media' workshop

                  Warwick Graduate school skills programme (2008–2009)

                  • 2-day creative writing workshop;
                  • 2-day effective researcher course;
                  • Employers and Alumni networking event;
                  • PhD employer event preparatory session.

                    Warwick graduate school skills programme (2007–2008)

                    • Overcoming writer's block;
                    • Project management;
                    • 2-day presentation course;
                    • Voice training workshop.

                    Grants, Awards, and Achievements


                    • Warwick University Postgraduate Scholarship, full funding of Ph.D. study for three calendar years (2007–2010);
                    • Open Society Institute / Chevening scholar, full funding for M.A. study for one calendar year (2006–2007);
                    • Conference travel grant for Warwick & Monash Writing workshop, Prato, Italy (2010);
                    • Conference travel grant (GBP 200) for ‘Institutions Justified’, Vienna, Austria (2010);
                    • Conference travel grant (EUR 400) for CETRO Autumn School ‘Europeanisation and social policy’, Olderburg, Germany (2009).

                      Undergraduate Excellence Award as BA Sociology finalist, Sofia University (June 2005).

                      2nd place at Poetry Translation Contest, Bulgarian translation of ‘When you are old...’ by W. B. Yeats, held by Veliko Turnovo University & Bulgarian Translators’ Association (January 2005). [ Translation: (PDF Document), p. 24 ].

                      Talented Undergraduate Student Award by Foundation for support of Bulgarian Higher Education, Sofia–Frankfurt-am-Main (February 2004).


                      Journal articles:

                      (under review) Trust, access, and diverging notions of public and private: a returning insider’s experience of research in Bulgaria. Qualitative Inquiry [article]

                      Book reviews:

                      (2011) Old Assumptions, New Realities: Economic Security for Working Families in the 21st Century, Plotnick, R. D. et al., eds. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. In The Sociological Review, vol. 59, no. 4, pp. 849-853. [book review]

                      Book chapters:

                      (2011) ‘Ethnography as translation: exploring links between translation and ethnographic theories and practices’, in Proceedings from graduate conference, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, 27–28 February 2011. [conference paper Paper in PDF (PDF Document) ]

                      (2008) ‘The role of information in the choice of a university’, in T. Chavdarova (ed.) Staying in Bulgaria: the hardest choice? University applicants’ dilemmas, Sofia University Press. [book chapter, Bulgarian]


                      (2011). ‘What Market Mechanisms [Really] Mean: The Case of Bulgarian Seafarers’, in Rethinking Work: Global Historical and Sociological Perspectives. New Delhi: Tulika. [book chapter]

                      Conference papers and talks

                      "Ще стана капитан!" Моряшки трудови биографии и дългият морски Преход (Guest lecture, New Bulgarian University, Department of Anthropology, 5 April 2012). [ Poster ]

                      "Ще стана капитан!" Моряшки трудови биографии и дългият морски Преход (Guest lecture, Association of Sociology Students at the Sofia University, 2 April 2012). [ Poster ]

                      (with Dimitra Kofti) Лекция от цикъла "Нови неравенства": Моряшки биографии между социализъм и капитализъм: социалните ефекти на трансформациите в трудовия пазар след 1989 г. [Seafaring biographies between socialism and capitalism: the social effects of post-1989 labour market transformations, guest lecture as part of the series New Inequalities], Sofia, 'Xaspel', 30 March 2012. [връзка към събитието / event weblink] [ photo and audio ]

                      'Learning to Sell your Labour: The fragmented conventions of the post-socialist maritime labour market in Bulgaria', 11th International Postgraduate Conference ''Crisis: Interruptions, Reactions and Continuities in Central and Eastern Europe" at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, 15–17 February 2012 [ Paper abstract ]

                      'Ethnography as translation: exploring links between translation and ethnographic theories and practices’, graduate conference at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, 27–28 February 2011. [ Presentation slides: (PDF Document) ]

                      `Fragmented Conventions of Work on the Post-Socialist Labour Market. A case study of Bulgarian post-socialist marketisation of maritime labour', workshop `Institutions Justified', Vienna, 1–3 December 2010. [ Paper: (PDF Document) ]

                      (with Michelle Kempson) `Organising an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference', on our experience of organising Breaking Boundaries 2009, as part of Warwick Institute of Advanced Studies workshop Conference and event planning for postgraduate and early-career academics, 13 Sept 2010.

                      Facing the Market Imperative: Seafaring Livelihoods in Transition, at Postgraduate Writing workshop, convened by the Sociology Program, Monash University at Sala Giochi, Italy, 21–23 June 2010.

                      What Market Mechanisms [Really] Mean: The Case of Bulgarian Seafarers, Workshop on Global History & Sociology of Work: Perspectives from Europe, Africa and Asia, IGK Work & Human Life Cycle in Global History, Humboldt-Universit ̈t zu Berlin, 6–7 May 2010. [ Presentation slides: (PDF Document) ]

                      Privatisation of public placement services for seafarers in Bulgaria: A capability perspective, CAPRIGHT 6th meeting, Cambridge, 27–30 September 2009.

                      Europeanisation and internationalisation of job placement practices in Bulgaria, JM-CETRO Summer school Domestic Europeanization of Labour Market and Employment Policies, Oldenburg, 20–27 August 2009.

                      Packing Up: Empirical research overseas, Brown Bag Seminar, University of Warwick, April 2009.

                      What Is a Good Job? Understanding changes in employment quality and in its perceptions in terms of Sen’s capability approach, CAPRIGHT Summer School in Social Policy, Venice, May 2009.

                      What Transformation? Employment in the Bulgarian shipping industry: 1989–2007, RECWOWE/ESPAnet summer school in social policy, Utrecht, July 2008.

                      Two problematic aspects of the link between legality and reality in Bulgaria: Democratic civic participation & Regulatory Impact Assessment, 1st national sociology students conference, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, May 2006.

                      Can democracy be taught and learnt? Information, education, & democratic debate: how to get citizens interested [ click here to access paper ], joint paper with Esen Alieva, George Iliev, Michail Milev and Petar Natsev (Sofia University team), Allianz München Summer Academy on `How to Strengthten Democracy in Europe?', 17–23 July 2005.

                      Events Organised

                      (With Prof. Noel Whiteside) East Meets West: Viewing Eastern Europe with Western Eyes: One-day workshop as part of ESRC-sponsored seminar series `Coping with Uncertainty: European labour markets and the politics of social reform'. November 2009, British Academy, London:

                      • Arranged venue, accommodation, transport, programme, paper submission.

                      (In team of six PG students) Breaking Boundaries: Time, Space, Ideas, second annual postgraduate conference hosted by Warwick Sociology, for over 50 participants. 7 Mar 2009:

                      • Co-ordinated meetings; ran event website; did photography on the day; reviewed abstracts and drafted the programme.

                      (with Prof. Noel Whiteside) Work transformation and coping with social risk: transitional labour markets and the promotion of capability, two-day international workshop (joint meeting of CAPRIGHT and TRANSLAM networks), 10–11 Apr 2008, Venice:

                      • Arranged logistics, venue, accommodation, co-ordinated paper submissions, prepared programme.

                      School Reform in Bulgaria: monitoring and assessment of the new education policies: Extensive empirical research study by the Department of Sociology, Sofia University, August-September 2006:

                      • Planned journey logistics and work schedules for 15 researchers, 30 days each, in 2 regions of Bulgaria.

                      (With Prof. Ivan Tchalakov and Dr Mimi Vassileva) Three-day international workshop for South-East European Network for Science and Technology Studies, November 2005–January 2006, Bulgaria:

                      • Employer: `Kritika and Humanism' Foundation and the Bulgarian Academy of Science;
                      • Co-ordinated paper submission and moderated online meetings, prepared programme and publicity materials, arranged accommodation, venue, transport and logistics for twenty participants, prepared press-releases, contacted media and invited local businesses as participants.

                      To Bribe a Mocking Bird (public event promoting student awareness of the value of higher education, attended by over 50 students and representatives of several media). March–April 2006, Association for Social Research and Applied Sociological Practices, Sofia University:

                      • Designed and distributed flyers and press-releases, contacted media, recruited 10 student assistants as volunteers; presented results of research on student attitudes to higher education, gave TV-interviews.

                      Non-academic publications

                      2010–2012 articles for the Idle Ethnographer, my column in The Sociological Imagination (

                      2008. ‘Sensei said...’, in 25th anniversary booklet of Warwick University Aikido Club (in English).

                      2001. ‘How to write a good project’, in monthly magazine Eurobusiness, #1 (in Bulgarian).

                      2005–2006: Journalistic articles in: business daily Dnevnik, leisure magazines Rhythm and DVD-mania (in Bulgarian); weekly Russkaia Gazeta (in Russian).

                      Selected Empirical Sociological Research

                      Doctoral fieldwork: August–September 2008; November 2009–February 2009; May-July 2009: Varna and Bourgas, Bulgaria:

                      • 50 in-depth interviews, participant observation, contextual content analysis of media reports and documents, translation and coding.

                      Research team member: `Foreign students in Germany: the Bulgarian example', joint longitudinal project of Sofia, Plovdiv and Bonn Universities (2005–2008), October 2005–January 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria:

                      • Theoretical design, methodology, in-depth and standardised interviews (See Publications).

                      Interviewer: `Roma schools II', research project by Foundation `Debati', 1–30 June 2005, Bulgaria:

                      • Conducted participant observation and in-depth and standardised interviews with staff and pupils at 6 schools in three Bulgarian cities (Sofia, Aytos, Bourgas), wrote research report.

                      Interviewer: `Administrative capacity for European integration', doctoral project of Vera Staevska, Sociology Department, Sofia University, May–June 2005.

                      • Conducted 5 in-depth interviews with high-rank civil servants

                      Member of research team: `Changing Patterns of Social Mobility in a Small Bulgarian Town (Sevlievo)', part of comparative study in Macedonia and Bulgaria; Sofia University, December 2003–June 2004:

                      • Theoretical design, methodology, in-depth interviews and standardised questionnaires.

                      Translation and Interpreting Experience

                      For my doctoral research (2007–2011), I conducted altogether eight months of empirical fieldwork in Bulgaria which included in-depth interviews and analysis of documents, literature and newspaper articles; as well as numerous instances of translation between English and Bulgarian. Data analysis involved transcribing 52 interviews and translating relevant excerpts into English.

                      As News Desk Journalist at Online news agency Aii Data Processing, Factiva/Dow Jones outsourcing service (Sofia, 1 May 2006–30 September 2006):

                      • Selected, translated and summarized German economic and businesses news into English.
                      • Improved translation, writing, and abstracting skills and speed.
                      • Mastered English and German vocabulary relating to economics and business.
                      • Gained speed and proficiency in the use of search engines and databases.

                      As Freelance Translator/Interpreter/Translation editor (2008–2009):

                      • Interpreted between Bulgarian patients and British medical staff at several hospital appointments (employed via Unitemps).
                      • Translated a Will from Bulgarian to English (for private law firm).
                      • Edited several sociological papers translated by their authors from Bulgarian to English; and at least twenty papers on pedagogics, translated between Russian and Bulgarian (for academic conferences and publication).
                      • Translated articles about martial arts, online publication (English to Bulgarian and Russian).

                      Translated Text:

                      • Translated the website from English to Bulgarian (as volunteer, January 2008).
                      • Translated Boehme G. (1984). Midwifery as Science: An Essay on the Relation Between Scientific and Everyday Knowledge., in Society and knowledge: contemporary perspectives in the sociology of knowledge, N. Stehr. and V. Meja (eds.), pp. 365–385. New Brunswick: Transaction Books. (Bulgarian, department library use, 2005).

                      Other Interpreting:

                      • Interpreted one-hour public lecture about the Holocaust by Prof. W. I. Brustein, Pittsburgh (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sofia, 2005).
                      • Was employed by the Diplomatic Institute at the Bulgarian Ministry of foreign affairs as liaison officer for the Russian delegation at 12th meeting of OSCE countries’ ministers of foreign affairs (Sofia, 15 November–10 December 2004).
                      • Interpreted informally between Bulgarian and English, Bulgarian and Russian, and Russian and English, at numerous conferences and martial arts events (2000–2011).

                      Technical Skills:

                      OS: Ubuntu Linux and Windows

                      Proficient: Word Processors (MSWord, Open Office), LaTeX, BibTeX, simple online publishing tools (Wordpress, Sitebuilder).

                      Good: SPSS, Spreadsheets (MSExcel and Open Office), Refworks, Endnote.

                      Familiar: NVIVO, Beamer, Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

                      Professional Activities

                      • Sessional teachers representative, Sociology, University of Warwick, 2011–
                      • Postgraduate SSLC representative, Sociology, University of Warwick, 2006–2009;
                      • Member, OSI / Chevening Alumni Association, since 2007;
                      • Member, Allianz Academy Munich Alumni Association, since 2005;
                      • Founding member (2002), board member and PR manager (2004–2006), of the Association of Sociology Students at the Sofia University (ASSSU is the regional branch of ESSA, the European Sociology Students' Association).