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Life outside PhD

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Coventry (2010) Recently, fellow researcher and SI editor editor Mark Carrigan started an awesome new project tracing the socio-economic history of Coventry: It is still in its very early stages and there is no text, only images, so do check it out in later weeks and months. I'll be making some photos for that, here is one:

In 2009, I was part of the organising team for the 3rd Annual Postgraduate Conference hosted by the University of Warwick 'Breaking Boundaries: Time, Space and Ideas'. Click on the photo to read more about our boundary-breaking. I have organised and co-organised a number of academic events, but this was the first one after which I did not swear to never organise anything again.

Here you can read some of our invaluable (and modest) tips about how to organise a conference.

Idle Ethnographer

If you wish to find out what the Idle Ethnographer says (and argue with her), please click on the hat. The Idle Ethnographer is my column in the online magazine The Sociological Imagination.

(or, if you wonder why I do ethnography, or even what it is in the first place, click on the link).


The world as seen by anelim on Photoblog (a few of my old photos).

Milenanelim on flickr

...and some more by milenanelim on Flickr (very few of my new photos. I am waiting to finish the PhD before deciding where to host my new photo collections).

Picassa ...and some on Picassa here, here, and here.


I am a really bad aikidoka (trained since 2005, only 5th kyu and I still wince, to the delight of the whole dojo, when a wooden sword comes down on me), but I am an avid camera-do practitioner. Some say I am invisible when armed with a camera on the mats. Some of my photos can be found on the Ei Mei Kan website, on the Warwick Aikido Club website, and here. Many of them have been used for seminar posters and in Musubi, the biannual newsletter of the British Birankai.

Няколко преводни статии за бойни изкуства / a couple of articles about martial arts that I have translated into Bulgarian:

Here is the booklet made by the University of Warwick Aikido club for its 20th anniversary.