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Current teaching (Dept. of Sociology, Warwick University):

My mentee, Mr Hirokazu Fukaya, studies the experience of people who are employed as carers in welfare facilities. We communicate through Skype and email to discuss his work and exchange ideas. My role is to offer ideas and comments on his research process, as I have more experience with carrying out fieldwork. I also help him formulate his research ideas in English which is his second language. Previously I did not a great deal about either research in the area of social work, or Japan in general, so I have greatly also learned a lot from being a mentor.

Past teaching 

  • 2010-2011: (SO221) Theoretical Ideas in Sociology: one-hour weekly seminars (2nd year B.A., elective module, convened by Steve Fuller and Bob Carter);
  • 2010-2011:(SO115) Researching Society and Culture: two-hour weekly seminars (1st year, core module);
  • March 2010 and March 2011: guest lecturer in (SO208) Field Studies in Social Research (2nd year B.A. module convened by Anton Popov and Alice Mah);
  • July 2010: guest lecturer, Kenilworth Sixth Form School, UK. With fellow PhD students Mark Carrigan and Michelle Kempson, we delivered three joint talks for A-level students, entitled 'Postgraduate research in the social sciences: what is it all about?'.
  • 2009-2010: (SO109) Sociological Imagination and Investigation: two-hour weekly seminars, first year, core module (convened by Margaret Archer and Hilary Pilkington - I mainly taught on Margaret Archer's half of the module);
  • Oct 2009: guest lecturer, Univ. of Warwick Delivered one lecture discussing the practical challenges of ethnographic eldwork, Field Studies (2nd year B.A. module convened by Cath Lambert and Anton Popov);
  • Jan 2009 and Oct 2009: facilitator, Univ. of Warwick 1st year sociology undergraduate induction events;
  • Sept 2008: alumni-speaker, Bilgi University, Istanbul, `Preparing for postgraduate study in the UK' pre-departure orientation for new OSI / Chevening UK scholars.

Teaching qualification

I recently completed the Post Graduate Award Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice (PGA IAPP, part I and II) at Warwick and am due to submit my teaching portfolio in the next couple of months.