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Training Resources (23 Things)

  1. Publishing on the web for postgraduate researchers
  2. Creating a blog and writing your first post
  3. Single author vs. multi author blogs
  4. Journal, search and citation alert subscriptions
  5. Podcasts, videocasts and iTunes U: subscribing to multi-media content
  6. Managing online identity
  7. Joining
  8. Creating or updating your ePortfolio
  9. Networking online for researchers
  10. Register for Twitter and find researchers to follow
  11. Engage with your network on Twitter
  12. Explore research specific networks on Twitter
  13. Use Lanyrd to network at conferences
  14. Open Access: changes in publishing practices
  15. Open Access Repositories and WRAP
  16. Copyright, Creative Commons and You
  17. The Research Data Challenge
  18. Getting organised using digital tools
  19. Bookmarking with Delicious
  20. Explore social reference management site Mendeley
  21. Arrange a meeting using Doodle
  22. Collaborative working
  23. Create and share a document using GoogleDocs
  24. Share a document using Dropbox
  25. Join the Wikipedia Community
  26. Creating and sharing multimedia
  27. Creating a Prezi presentation
  28. Finding and sharing YouTube video

Other Training Resources (internal)

  1. 10 ways researchers can use Twitter
  2. Creating a successful online presence
  3. Video interviews with Warwick bloggers
  4. Google scholar and its citation data
  5. Blog readership: build and maintain an audience
  6. Open access: what's in it for you?
  7. Blogging about your research: first steps
  8. RSS Feeds: how they work
  9. Personal branding for researchers
  10. Facebook for researchers
  11. Making your blog more interactive
  12. Using Twitter to boost your research profile
  13. Enhancing your ePortfolio
  14. Blogging your research: tips for effective writing
  15. Podcasting your research
  16. Literature searching online
  17. Social bookmarking: organising and sharing sources
  18. Using LinkedIn to promote yourself
  19. What type of blogger are you? Blogging quiz
  20. Top 5 blogging tips
  21. Video essays
  22. Selling your research online: e-profiles for Arts PhDs
  23. The Research Exchange Youtube Channel
  24. Reflections on 23 Things
  25. A useful metaphor for teaching academics about Twitter
  26. Some thoughts on getting academic types to use Twitter
  27. "Why do you find Twitter useful as an academic?"
  28. Different uses which PhD students can make of Twitter

Reports (external)

  1. Twitter in Further Education
  2. If you build it, they will come? How researchers perceive and use web 2.0
  3. Social media: A guide for researchers
  4. Content clustering and sustaining digital resources
  5. How funders' practices influence the future of digital resources
  6. Ensuring long term access to digital information
  7. The digital information seeker
  8. Learning literacies for the digital age
  9. Reflect 2.0: digital storytelling to develop reflective learning with next generation technologies & practice
  10. Digital preservation policies study
  11. Managing digital assets in tertiary education
  12. Digital asset assessment tool
  13. Digital anthropological resources for teaching
  14. Promoting shared use of digital content across the West Midlands region
  15. Managing risk: a business preservation strategy for corporate digital assets

Training and Other Resources (external)

  1. Digital researcher resources
  2. A guide to using Twitter in university research, training, and impact activities
  3. Supporting researcher engagement with social tools
  4. The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice
  5. Special issue on blogging in sexuality studies
  6. Social media for grad students
  7. Using Twitter for research