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PhD Students and Public Engagement

Sam Lyle is a third year PhD student in the Department of Sociology. Her doctoral research explores class and gender in graduate employment from a Bourdieusian perspective. Sam is also a feminist activist and founder of the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society (WASS). Read more on her ePortfolio. In this podcast I talk to her about her extensive work with the media over the course of her research, some of the difficulties involved and advice for other PhD students interested in getting involved in this kind of activity.


The Impact Agenda and the Future of Social Science

Steve Fuller is Professor in the Department of Sociology. For more information about his research and interests see here.


Making a Case for Social Science

Campaign for Social Science was launched in January this year by the Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to raise the profile of social science with the public, media and parliament at a time of great crisis and uncertainty. In this podcast I talk to Stephen Anderson (executive director of the campaign) and Professor A D H Cook (former Pro-vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield) about the campaign, the context within which it has emerged and the issues it seeks to confront. The interview covers a wide range of topics including the status of social science vis-a-vis natural science, public misunderstanding of it and the need for public engagement, as well as popularisation, in order to increase its visibility in wider society. There is a post about the campaign on the festival blog. Find the Campaign online through its website or twitter feed.


Campaigning for the Public University

In this podcast I talk to Professor Gurminder K. Bhambra about her experiences as an initiator of the Campaign for the Public University. We discuss the crisis in the university system and the aims of the campaign, as well as wider issues relating to impact and engagement.


Alternative Forms of Learning

In this podcast I talk to Kate Arnold, a 1st year student in Sociology, about Left Overs, a project setup by undergraduates across a range of departments which is trying to break down the boundaries between speaker and audience, between organisers and attendees, so as to create a new space for intellectual dailogue and discussion outside of the pressures and pitfalls of formal institutional structures. As well as being fascinating and worthwhile in its own right, projects like this represent an opportunity for academics to practice public engagement within the university.

The Future of the University

In this podcast Steve Fuller talks about the future of the university. At a time of crisis in the university, the discussion explores how academia has arrived at its present juncture and where it might go from here. It contextualises the present predicament in terms of the wider intellectual, cultural, political and economic factors which underlay these seismic shifts in academic life.