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Rodrigo Cordero Vega / Department of Sociology


I have just completed my PhD in Sociology at Warwick (thesis submitted in July 2011 and Viva examination in October 2011). I'm originally from Santiago de Chile, where I did my BA (2001) and MA (2003) in Sociology at the Universidad Católica de Chile. Before I came to the UK, I held a possition as an Assistant Profesor in Sociology at the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP), where I currently am Research Fellow at the Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales (ICSO).

Research activities:

My research interests include social and political theory (especially, Adorno, Arendt, Koselleck, Habermas, Foucault), classical sociology, conceptual history, the sociology of ruptures and crises, the relationship between 'the social' and 'the political', public opinion and democracy in Latin America. Currently, as part of my PhD Dissertation, I am working on the 'dialectic affinity' between the concepts of critique and crisis in contemporary social theory. You can learn more about my work here.

On the other hand, I've been involved in a range of complementary activities such as the organization of the conference 'Have we ever been "post"? The critiques of sociological knowledge' (September 2009), the organization of the Summer School (July 2009): 'Social Theory for a Global Age. Cosmpolitan and Postcolonial Perspectives'. At the same time, I have been involved in several publications. Currently I'm working in four parallel but related projects: (1) my first monograph "Diremptions of the Social", (2) a paper on the notion of rupture in the work of Hannah Arendt, (3) editing a volume on the idea of crisis in social and political theory, and (4) the translation into Spanish of Robert Fine's book Political Investigations: Hegel, Marx, Arendt.

In addition, in collaboration with my colleague Mauro Basaure (IDH), I am working in setting up a Social Theory Laboratory at Universidad Diego Portales in Chile. I will be posting news about this project soon.

I am happy to share and discuss my work, collaborate, and establish contact with research students and scholars working on similar topics. Feel free to contact me:



Research Group:
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