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Chapters outline

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Section I. The life of concepts: the problems of the split of crisis and critique in social theory
Chapter 1. The contemporary hostility towards classical concepts: on the crisis of crisis theories and the critique of critical theory.
Chapter 2. The split of crisis and critique: normalization, subjectivism and disengagement from the world.
Chapter 3. Why not try critical theory again? Looking for crisis and critique beyond the traditional framework. 
Section II. Filling social theory empty shelves: reconstructing the elective affinity between crisis and critique.
Chapter 4. Reinhart Koselleck
Chapter 5. Jürgen Habermas
Chapter 6. Hannah Arendt
Section III. Crisis and critique in the world society
Chapter 7. Global crisis, global critiques? Crisis, critique and the understanding of world society. (H. Brunkhorst).
Chapter 8. Critique and the chronic crisis of the political: empirical reflections on contemporary political crises.