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Previous research

  •  The History of Public Opinion Polls in Chile: 1957-2005. Research supported by Universidad Diego Portales Research Grant (Chile) (Head researcher). 
  •  Political Elites and Mass Media in Chile: between attraction and malaise. Research supported by Universidad Diego Portales Research Grant (Chile) (Head researcher).
  •  Barometer of Access to Public Information in Chile: the perspective of journalists. Research supported by the Research Center of Journalism, Faculty of Communications, Universidad Diego Portales (Chile) (Head researcher).
  •  The National Congress in Chile. Its organization and functions in the new democracy (1990-2002). A study case in comparative perspective. Research supported by National Council of Science and Technology (Project Nº 1020790) (Research assitant). 
  • Continuities and Changes in the sources of socialization of chilean political elite: the case of the representatives in the old and new democracy (1961-1973 / 1990-2006). MA in Sociology Dissertation. Research supported by DIPUC Scholarship, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. (PDF Document)