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Conference papers

Selected Conference Papers


Kempson, M (forthcoming, April 2013) ‘Writing Movements: Subjectivity, and the Feminist Zine’: The F Word: Contemporary Women’s Writing Network. University of Belfast.


Kempson, M (October 2012) ‘I Don’t Like Being Told What to Think’: Debating Feminism in Feminist Zines’. Feminisms: Gender Activism, Politics & Theories. University of Leeds.

Kempson, M (April 2012) 'The Contested Spaces of Alternative Marketplaces: Zinefests and the Negotiation of Radical Economics'. BSA Annual conference. University of Leeds.


Kempson, M (June 2011) ‘"E-zines are not Zines!" Feminist Zines, Authenticity and New Technology’. Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media. Institute of Education. London.

Kempson, M (March 2011) ‘Doing Artivism: Studying the Creative Activism of Feminist Zines’. A carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism. University of York.


Kempson, M and Kremakova, M (September 2010) 'Organising an Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference', IAS workshop, Conference and Event Planning for Postgraduate and Early-Career Academics. Warwick Institute of Advanced Studies workshop.

Kempson, M (March 2010) ‘Writing Bodies: Feminist Zines and the Reclamation of Identities’. Forgotten Bodies, University of Exeter.


Kempson, M (September 2009) Global “Scenes”: Exploring the Impact of Global Communication Activist Identity within the Feminist Zine Community. Challenging Globalisation. Royal Holloway University, London.

Kempson, M (June 2009) ‘Feminist Zines and Global “Scenes”: Studying the Discursive Formations of a Feminist Community’. Feminist Transitions, Edge Hill University, Liverpool (FWSA Conference 2009).