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Field work in indigenous communities

My field work started in August 2010 in the Mixtec town of Santiago Cacaloxtepec and in the Zapotec town of San Bartolome Quialana. Both towns are located in the state of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico. These two towns present a high level of (e)migration to the urban areas of Mexico (Mexico City and its outskirts) and to the United States. Later, I also carried out field work in the (e)migrants' communities of destination

Santiago Cacaloxtepec

Transport to Santiago Cacaloxtepec

The taxi-station in Huajuapan de León. Taxis to Santiago Cacaloxtepec


With my Mixtec teacher.

San Bartolomé Quialana


The entrance to the wondeful Zapotec town. At the background, the Picacho.


With wondeful friends making tlayudas.

In the United States (U.S.)


With people from San Bartolome Quialana in Plaza Mexico, Los Angeles, California.


People from Santiago Cacaloxtepec selling iced lollies in Manteca, California.