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Journal articles:

  • (2012) Remitting faith practices. Comparing the experiences of two indigenous towns in Oaxaca, Mexico. In: SOCHEOLAS Journal, University of Limerick, Ireland; Volume 4, Issue 1.

Work in Progress:

  • From Elders' wisdom to brave migrants: Transformation and Conflict in the Performance of indigenous Mexican masculinity

Book chapters:

  • (2012)" Estrategias de Subsistencia y la Feminización del Espacio Público de las Mujeres Zapotecas de San Bartolomé Quialana, Oaxaca." In: La Feminizacion del Campo Mexicano en el Siglo XXI; localismos y transnacionalismos, Editorial Plaza y Valdes, Mexico. (printing). 

Work in Progress:

  • Trasformacion y Conflicto en el Ejercicio de la Masculinidad en Migrantes Transnacionales Zapotecos

Other articles:

  • (2010) ”María Martínez. Story of an Indigenous Woman” In: Sociological Imagination


Book reviews:

  • (2011) Victoria Robinson and Jenny Hockey “Masculinities in Transition”. PALGRAVE MACMILLAN; 2011. In: Sociological Review, Vol. 59 (4).
  • (2010) Angela McRobbie ” The Aftermath of Feminism. Gender, Culture and Social Change”. SAGE Publications; 2009. In: Sociological Imagination, 1