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Nazia Hussein


I am a final year PhD student at the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. I am supervised by Professor Christina Hughes and Dr. Caroline Wright. I completed my MSc from London School of Economics in Gender and Media. I acquired a BA Honours with distinction and a double major in Internationsl Development Studies and Communication Studies from York University, Canada. I am a freelance consultant and researcher. I also work as a Sessional Tutor at the University of Warwick teaching in the following modules: International Perspectives on Gender, Media Sociology and 'Race', Difference and the Inclusive Society. Finally I am an Academic Writing Mentor at the University of Warwick and also the Resident Tutor for Arthur Vick 3.

Boundaries of Respectable Femininity: A study of the New Women of Bangladesh

My research aims to expand the understanding of respectable femininity in South Asia, and more specificaly in Muslim communities. I seek to establish a previously unexplored understanding of how middle class, urban, highly educated, professional women of Bangladesh, identified as the 'new women', play a major role in redefining the meaning of women's contribution in the nation's entry into the global world.

Drawing on sociological and feminist theories of gender, class, respectability and boundary work I developed a three part model of respectable femininity among new women. Through the model I explore how women strategically adapt, negotiate and transform dominant norms of respectable femininity in the country. I also explore how women's strategies change in various contexts: home and workplaces.

I demonstrate that new womenness is a distinctive practice in urban Bangladesh, which provides women limited power to transform dominant ideas of respectable womanhood. New women simultanously conform and trangress norms of respectable femininity in relation to work-home balance, embodiment practices, household structures, marriage and motherhood.




Research Interests: Women & Gender Studies, Gender & the Media, Gender & Work, Aesthetics and Body Work, Security/Terrorism discourses, Media & Cultural Studies, 'Race', Ethnicity & Religion (ISlam), Development Studies, Intersectionality, South Asia, Bangladesh.


 Grants, Funds & Scholarships

The Annette Lawson Charitable Trust Grant: Assessing Gender Progress: Measurement, Concepts and the Politics of Knowledge, March, 2014.

Fran Trust Foundation Grant for Postgraduate students researching Feminist Scholarship, February, 2014.

Writing & Publishing in the Social Sciences, University of Monash, Funded by Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. In Prato, Italy, July, 2013.

International Development Institute (IDS), Research Grant-Final Report Writer on the project Women’s Struggles and Pathways for the Implementation and Monitoring of Public Policies Addressing Violence against Women among Urban poor of Bangladesh. January-June, 2012.

PJD Wiles Scholarship for MSc in Gender & Media at London School of Economics, 2008-2009.

International Student's Bursary, York University, Canada, 2003-2006.

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Nazia Hussein

N dot Hussein at warwick dot ac dot uk