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Nazia Hussein

Resident Tutor Arthur Vick 3, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7ES

Telephone :+44 (0)785 258 3845, e-mail

Website :


PhD in Women & Gender Studies, University of Warwick, UK 2010-2015

Research Title:Negotiating Boundaries of Respectable Femininity: the ‘New

Women’ of Bangladesh.

Supervisors:Professor Christina Hughes and Dr. Caroline Wright

M.Sc. with Merit (2:1) in Gender and the Media, London School of Economics, UK 2008-2009

Dissertation (Now published):Color of Life Achievements: Historical and media

influence of identity formation based on skin color in South Asia.

BA (Hons) with Distinction Communication Studies & Development Studies, York 2003-2006

University, Canada

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Centre for Lifelong Learning October-December, 2015

University of Warwick, UK

  • Design and deliver lectures, seminars and prepare assessment for the initiative to develop ‘widening participation’ postgraduate pathways as part of the Certificate programme through the postgraduate module Theories and Practices of Gender and Difference.

  • Supervise approximately 15 students’ writing module assignments and guide them to prepare for poster exhibition (part of module evaluation).

  • Carry out assessment activities: one 4000 words essay and a poster exhibition, providing comprehensive feedback to student on their assignments.

Sessional Tutor, Department of Sociology October, 2010-December, 2014

University of Warwick, UK

  • Taught undergraduate seminars in – Media Sociology, Life of Media: Past, Present and Future, Media Audiences and Social Change, Sociology of Gender, International Perspectives on Gender, ‘Race’, Difference and Inclusive Society. Used a variety of teaching methods and digital techniques, such as debates, human bingo, turn point etc. to meet undergraduate students learning objectives for each course taught.

  • Graded approximately 80 essays and exams per year, second marking, providing constructive feedback for each student assignment, and producing regular student progress reports, guiding students with lecture materials and assignment writing and other administrative tasks for the modules. Also assisted the module leaders in revision workshop planning and running the exam revision workshops.

  • Monitored, evaluated and reviewed seminar sessions by participating in the departmental peer observation process for Sessional Tutors and academic teaching staff.

Academic Writing Mentor, Warwick Academic Writing October, 2011-Present

University of Warwick, UK

  • Run one on one sessions with undergraduate and Master’s home (UK) and overseas students on essay and assignment planning. Mainly advice students on essay structure, narrative coherence, clarity, style, presentation, referencing and grammar.

  • Run Master’s dissertation centre during summer term to provide one on one academic writing advice to Master’s students writing their dissertations.

  • Developed all written materials for Warwick Academic Writing’s mentoring program and update them each year to meet student demands. Also created short tests, and writing evaluation tasks for Warwick Academic Writing Road Show in summer 2014.

Junior Lecturer, Department of Media & Communication June, 2006-September, 2008

Independent University Bangladesh

  • Courses Taught: Gender in the Media, Introduction to Communication Studies and Development Communication.

  • Additional Responsibilities: Student advising, Organizing seminars and workshops in the university, publicizing them, finding sponsors and delivering them with efficiency.

Research Experience

Early Career Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study May, 2015-Present

University of Warwick, UK

  • Advance the development of research career - by writing research publications, conference papers, job applications, and postdoctoral fellowship/grant proposals - while engaging with the interdisciplinary activities of Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) on a part-time basis.

  • Organizing an interdisciplinary and collaborative conference on Gender and Work in October, 2015.

  • Building teaching and learning skills through participating in workshops and trainings.

Researcher, Global Governance (Terrorism) July-September, 2014

Global Research Priorities Project, University of Warwick, UK

  • Developed the literature review of interdisciplinary research on –to what extent are the events of 9/11 constructed within the discourse of US security organizations as a justification for expansion of sovereign state power? Created a report analyzing the gap in research in the area.

  • Conducted discourse analysis using Wordsmith of the aims and purposes of US security organizations such as Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Counterterrorism, National Terrorism Advisory System and 19 such organizations.

  • Liaised with Global Research Partner at the University of Hull throughout the project.

Researcher, Global Governance (Climate Change) May-July, 2014

Global Research Priorities Project, University of Warwick, UK

  • Developed an annotated bibliography of research on climate change and sustainable environment.

  • Created a report analyzing the gap in research of discourse analysis and language and linguistic behavior on the topic of climate change and sustainable environment globally.

  • Maintained continuous liaison with Global Governance Network Researches to keep up to date about progress in research and advice on literature. This included academics and administrative staff from various departments of the University of Warwick such as Applied Linguistics, Law and Politics and International Studies and to liaison with Global Research Partners at other universities.

Research Assistant, Cultural and Economic Values in Jewellery Trade January-March, 2014

Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK

  • Created a report analyzing the gap in available research on the values of cultural work. Identified suitable theoretical frameworks to study the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter workers.

  • Conducted literature searches and developed annotated bibliographies as directed; sourcing and providing copies of relevant articles.

Research Assistant, Crisis Leadership in Global Governance June-December, 2013

Global Research Priorities Project, University of Warwick, UK

  • Conducted multi-modal analysis of crisis leadership in two crisis management-Nuclear Proliferation Crises and Global Financial Crises. Particularly focused on USA’s claim in leadership role in crisis management.

  • Conducted critical discourse analysis of 33 speeches given by global leaders such as President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Ban Ki-Moon, studying how USA’s claim for leadership role is enacted, manifested and responded to through language use in crisis management.

  • Presented findings demonstrating how leadership is performed through setting direction, problem solving, building trust, mobilizing others, resolving disputes, decision making, driving change and empowering others through a detailed report of discourse analysis of the speeches from UN and G20’s websites.

WP Researcher, Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Office October-December, 2012

University of Warwick, UK

  • As part of the University of Warwick’s Widening Participation Program, scoped the formal relationships that the University has with schools, colleges and other organizations in the UK. Identified the nature of those relationships in respect of core activities.

  • Produced an excel data set consisting of approximately 500 schools, colleges and other organizations that the university’s different departments have a core relationship with. Sub-sectioned the data according to types of institutes, kinds of relationships, compiled their addresses, DFE and SCL codes from UK datasets and produced the final report.

  • Maintained continuous liaison with different departments of the university regularly through meetings, emails and phone calls to keep the data most updated.

Consultant, Freedom of Expression Project March-April, 2010

Article 19, Bangladesh

  • In charge of qualitative analysis of Article 19 Bangladesh’s study on Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh.

  • Editing and expanding monthly reports on Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh study.

  • Writing the annual report of Freedom of Expression Bangladesh ‘Broken Voices: A review of Journalists Freedom in 2009-2010 in Bangladesh’.

Sector Specialist (Gender), Gender Justice and Diversity Unit June-December, 2006

BRAC (NGO), Bangladesh

  • In charge of the Gender Resource Center of the division and contributed to running workshops and collecting data to amend BRAC’s Gender Policy, 2007

  • Created regular reports for BRAC’s Gender program including project proposals and training material.

  • Delivered Gender Sensitivity Training at BRAC and other organizations such as UNICEF and Care, Bangladesh.



Hussein, Nazia and Hussain, Saba (2015)Interrogating Practices of Gender, Religion and Nationalism in the Representation of Muslim Women in Bollywood: Contexts of Change Sites of Continuity. Exchanges: Warwick Research Journal, 2: 2, 284-304

Raju, Z. H. and N. Hussein (2014) ‘ Cultural Consumption and Identity Formation’< /span>, in Culture, Media & Identities, Open University Malaysia (textbook for the course Culture, Media and Identities)

Hussein, Nazia (2010)Color of Life Achievements: Historical and media influence of identity formation based on skin color in South Asia. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 31:4, 403-424.


‘Neo-liberal Regimes of Regulating Appearance at Workplaces: Gender, Class and Respectability among Bangladeshi New Women’, Gender, Work & Society, Special issue titled-Bodies and Intimate Relations at Work(under review)- Impact Factor 1.027

‘Reading the Bangladeshi New Woman in Mobile Phone Advertisements: Boundaries of Respectability’, Sex Roles (to be submitted in July, 2015)-Impact Factor 1.698

New Women New Ways: How Women Bargain with Conflicting Gender Ideals in Bangladesh’, Gender and Society (to be submitted in September, 2015)-Impact Factor 2.361

Competitively Won Research Grants

  • Funds for Women Graduates (£1,500):British Federation of Women Graduates research fund. January, 2015.

  • The Annette Lawson Charitable Trust Award (£1000): Assessing Gender Progress: Measurement, Concepts and the Politics of Knowledge, March, 2014.

  • Fran Trust Foundation Grant (£500): Postgraduate students researching Feminist Scholarship, February, 2014

  • International Development Institute (IDS) (£600) Final report writer- women’s struggles and pathways for the implementation and monitoring of public policies addressing violence against women among urban poor of Bangladesh. January-June, 2012

Selected Conference Paper Presentations

Encountering the Structural Violence of Neoliberal Nationalism: Beauty QueensSeptember, 2015

and Hindu Militants in the Documentary the World Before Her,

FWSA conference, University of Leeds.

New Women New Ways: How Women Bargain with Conflicting Gender Ideals to June, 2015

Construct and Perform New Womenhoods, 9th European Feminist Research Conference

Sex & Capital, University of Lapland, Finland.

Bangladeshi New Women (Re)doing Boundaries of Respectable Femininity: May, 2015

Self-fulfillment, Motherhood and Marriage Normativity,

9thEuropean Association for South Asian Studies PhD Workshop, Lund, Sweden.

Interrogating Practices of Gender, Religion and Nationalism in the Representation June, 2014

of Muslim Women in Bollywood: Contexts of Change Sites of Continuity,

Law Social Justice and Global Development Colloquium, University of Warwick, UK.

Complex Boundaries: Organisational Visibility vs Social Respectability in National June 2014

and International Organizations in Bangladesh,

International Conference of Gender, Work and Organization, Keele University, UK.

Narratives of Gender, Class and Respectability: The New Women of BangladeshJune 2014

Troubling Narratives: Identity Matters Conference, University of Huddersfield, UK.

Enactment of ‘New Womenness’: Urban, Middle class, Professional Women of BangladeshJune, 2013

Gendered Knowledges: An interdisciplinary workshop at University of Warwick, UK.

Complexities of the Representation of Urban Women in Bangladeshi Media, May, 2013

Images of Women & Sexism in the Media Seminar University of Warwick, UK.

Color of Life Achievements: Historical and media influence of identity formation July, 2009

based on skin color in South Asia,

Feminists & Women’s Studies Association’s annual conference at Liverpool, UK.

Exploring the Battlefield of Muslim Veiled Women, June, 2009

inter university graduate conference- Culture, Cognition and Construction at LSE, UK.

Key Activities

Chair of panel on New Womanhood in neo-liberal South Asia 2015-2016

European Conference on South Asian Studies, Warsaw, Poland

Co-organizer of a Symposium on Gender and Work with fellow IAS researchers 2015 University of Warwick. Tentative Budget £1000

Co-organizer graduate seminar series with fellow PhD students for Centre for the Study 2012-2013

of Women & Gender, University of Warwick. Budget £3000


Academic Careers: Skills and Capacity Building 2015

Writing & Publishing in the Social Sciences,University of Monash, Prato, Italy 2013

Undergraduate and Masters Academic Writing Skills Development 2012

Postgraduates who Teach (PGA) Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2011


European Association of South Asian Studies 2015-Present

Connecting Research on Employment and Work 2014-present

British Sociological Association 2014-Present

SocRel: Sociology of Religious Studies Group 2014-Present

Feminist & Women’ Studies Association UK & Ireland 2009-Present

Selected New Media Contributions

Hussein, N.(2014) ‘Bangladeshi Women and Today’s Choices: Trading personal religiosity for professional modernity’, Knowledge Centre, [online]

Hussein, N. (2013) ‘When Old Tricks Fail: The women protesters at the generation square in Bangladesh’, Feminist & Women’s Studies Association UK & Ireland, [online]

Hussein, N. (2013) ‘Brains, Time Money: Part-time and Self-Funded Postgraduate Study’, The New Academic,[online]

Hussein, N. (2013) ‘Book Review: Multiculturalism a Civic Idea by Tariq Madood’,Feminist & Women’s Studies Association UK & Ireland, [online]