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Conference Presentations

New Women New Ways: How Bangladeshi Women Bargain with Conflicting Gender Ideals to Construct and Perform New Womanhoods- The 9th European Feminist Research Conference -Sex & Capital, University of Lapland, Finland, June 2015.

Indian Women’s Encounter with Neoliberal Nationalism: Beauty Queens and Hindu Militants- FWSA Biennal Conference 2015: Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical feminist perspectives, September 2015.

Boundaries of Respectable Femininity: A Study of New Women in Bangladesh-Ninth European PhD workshop in South Asia
Studies, Lund University, May 2015.

Complex Boundaries: Organisational Visibility vs Social Respectability in National and International Organizations in Bangladesh, to present at the Gender, Work and Organization: 8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference, at Keele University, June 2014.

Narratives of Gender, Class and Respectability: The New Women of Bangladesh: Troubling Narratives: Identity Matters Conference at University of Huddersfield, June 2014.

Writing & Publishing in the Social Sciences, University of Monash, Prato, Italy, July, 2013.

Enactment of ‘New Womenness’: Urban, Middle class, Professional Women of Bangladesh: Gendered Knowledges: An interdisciplinary workshop –June, 2013.

Complexities of the Representation of Urban Women in Bangladeshi Media: Images of Women & Sexism in the Media Seminar at the Centre for the Study of Women & Gender at University of Warwick, May, 2013.

 Colour of Life Achievements: Historical and Media Influence of Identity Formation Based on Skin Colour in South Asia: European Feminists & Women’s Studies Association’s annual conference at Liverpool, 2009.

Exploring the Battlefield of Muslim Veiled Women: Inter University Graduate Conference- Culture, Cognition and Construction at LSE, 2009.