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Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

*** I will not update this page anymore. Please check my Edinburgh homepage.***

Dr. Morteza Hashemi

Twitter @morteza_hm

Current Position

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of Edinburgh.

Education & Qualifications

2010- 2016: PhD in sociology
The University of Warwick (UK)
2006 –2009: M.A in sociology
Allameh Tabatabai University (Iran)


Hashemi, M, (2017). Theism and Atheism in a Post-Secular Age, Palgrave Macmillan.

Winner of the Farabi International Award 2018
Shortlisted for the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2018

Peer-Reviewed Papers
Hashemi, M. (2016). A post-secular reading of public sociology. Social Compass, 63(4), pp.461-477 (online version).

Hashemi, M. (2016). A new typology of modern atheisms: pilgrim atheism versus tourist atheism. Culture and Religion, 17 (1), 56-72

Book Chapter

• Hashemi, M. (2018). What Does It Mean to be a Progressive Intellectual after the Refugee Crisis in Europe? A Dialogue with Tariq Ramadan, In Schmiedel, U & Smith, G (Ed.) Religion in the European Refugee Crisis, New York: Palgrave.

Project Report

• Hashemi, M. (2018). Conceptual Study for Policy Making about the Citizen-Gamers: the Case of Pokémon Go. Daanesh Shahr. [online] Tehran: Urban Research and Planning Centre, pp.1-47. Available at: [Accessed 19 Jun. 2018] (Language: Farsi).

Conference Papers & Seminars

Hashemi, M. "A Post-Secular Reading of Public Sociology". British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2017: Recovering the Social, The University of Manchester (UK), 4-6, April 2017 (English).

__________, "The Public Sociologists' Guide to Religion", The Practice of Public Sociology: Sociological Review Early Career Event, Manchester Digital Laboratory (UK), 24 November 2016 (English).

__________, “The Primacy of Training over Truth: Sloterdijk Approaches American Neo-Pragmatism”, British Sociological Association 2016 Annual Conference: Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting, Aston University (UK), 6-8 April 2016 (English).

__________, "Revision of Ulrich Beck's Risk Society after Charlie Hebdo", International Social Theory Consortium 14th Annual Conference: Reconstructing Social Theory, History and Practice. The University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK), 17-19 June 2015 (English).

__________, "The Revival of the Comtean Dream in the Recent Atheist Movement: On Alain de Botton’s Atheism 2.0", IAS Summer School (Contesting Claims for Expertise in a Post-Secular Age), University of Warwick (UK), 15th-19th July 2013 (English).

__________, "Max Weber's Conception of Science: the process of solidification of the scientific 'facts'", International Postgraduate and Academic Conference, The University of Ritsumeikan, Kyoto (Japan), 27-28 February 2013 (English).

___________, "René Magritte and the Liquidity of Modernity", Café Scientifique, The University of Warwick, Coventry (UK) October, 2012 (English).

___________, "The Calvin of the Iron Cage: The theological roots of Max Weber’s Decisionism", Radical Secularisation?, The University of Antwerp (Belgium), September, 2012 (English).

___________, “A Short History of Homelessness: The theological roots of a dichotomy in the modern social theory”, British Sociological Association 2012 Annual Conference: Sociology in an age of Austerity, the University of Leeds (UK), 11-13 April 2012 (English).

___________, “Iranian Sociology and the Selective Translation of Theories of Secularization”, Regional Conference on Social Thought and Sociology in the Contemporary Middle East. Iranian Sociological Association. Tehran. May 2011 (English).

___________, "Ideology of Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979",Conference of Thirty Years, Sharif University (Tehran-Iran), November 2008 (Farsi).

Teaching & Mentorship

1. Coventry University (UK)
Nov 2014- 2016: Temporary Lecturer (grade 8), Coventry University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, B.A modules:

  • Jan 2016- May 2016: Introduction to Media and Society, 169ISS
  • Jan 2016- May 2016: Media, Culture and Communication, 385ISS
  • Mar 2015- Apr 2015: Contemporary British Government, 282ISS
  • Jan 2015- Apr 2015: Understanding Society, 185ISS
  • Nov 2014- Jan 2015: Tradition and Controversy in Social Theory, 287ISS

Nov 2014- May 2015: Supervising five B.A sociology dissertations at Coventry University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

2. The University of Warwick (UK)
2012- 2016: Seminar Tutor, The University of Warwick, Sociology Department, B.A modules:

  • 2015-16: Social Theory of Law, Convened by Steve Fuller
  • 2015-16: Life of Media: Past, Present and Future, Convened by Steve Fuller
  • 2013-14: Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Intellectuals, convened by Steve Fuller
  • Mar 2013: Two seminars, Media Sociology convened by Steve Fuller
  • Dec 2012: Media Sociology convened by Steve Fuller and Eric Jensen

Nov 2012: Guest lecturer, The University of Warwick for a lecture on Karl Lowith's conception of the secularization (M.A module Politics and Social Theory convened by Steve Fuller)

3. Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Oct 2012-Feb 2014: Distance (online) mentor of a MA student in sociology from Ritsumeikan University

Research Projects & Other Work Experiences

1. Principal Investigator

2016- 17: Principal Investigator at Urban Research and Planning Center, Tehran Municipality.

Project title: Conceptual Study for Policy Making about the Citizen-Gamers: the Case of Pokémon Go.

2. Research Assistant & Research Fellow

2017: Visiting Research Fellow at the Sociology Department of the University of Warwick.

2013-2014: Casual Research Assistant of the Department of Sociology, the University of Warwick.

2012: Research assistant in the Work Package 4 of MY PLACE project funded by Manchester Metropolitan University (more than 30 interviews in Coventry - UK).

Academic Honours & Minor Grants

2018: Theism and Atheism in a Post-Secular Age was shortlisted for the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize.

2018: The Farabi International Award (the highest Iranian honour in humanities and social sciences) for Theism and Atheism in a Post-Secular Age.

2017: BSA Early Career Annual Conference Fund 2017 (£500).

Jul 2013: A bursary from the IAS Summer School 2013 (£200), The University of Warwick, Social Theory Centre (UK).

Feb 2013: A travel grant from the University of Ritsumeikan (Japan) to visit Japan for a seminar.

Jul 2012: A travel grant from Monash University (Australia) and The University of Warwick (UK) for "writing and publishing in social sciences" workshop in Prato (Italy).

2010: MA awarded with distinction. The best grade achieved among all sociology students of the same year (Iran).


2013- now: Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (SERRC)

2012- 2018: British Sociological Association (BSA)

2012-2013: Member of the organising committee of The Social Theory Postgraduate Seminars by The Social Theory Centre, The University of Warwick (UK).

A Selection of Other/Media Publications

Hashemi, M. 2016. Review of Simon Susen’s The Postmodern Turn in Social Sciences, Journal of Philosophy of Social Science (September 28, 2016, doi:10.1177/0048393116670112)

___________, “From Ibn Khaldun’s Point of View Fidel is Not Dead: Or, What Does the Rise of The Donald Tell Us About the Future?” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 5, no. 12 (2016): 13-16.

___________, 2016."Alatas, Farid". Global Social Theory. (English).

__________, 2015. "Shariati, Ali". Global Social Theory. (English).
__________, 2014. “Iranian Sociology and the Selective Translation of Theories of Secularization”, Journal of London Academy of Iranian Studies, Volume 11, pp. 65-73 (English).
__________, 2012. "Are Teenagers More ‘Obedient’ These Days?". The Sociological Imagination. (English).
__________, 2008. Ideology of Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979, CIVILICA. (Farsi).