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Selected Conferences

Claiming up the racial order? Class distinctions among post-crisis Italian migrants
10 April 2018. BSA Annual Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK

Post-crisis migrants? Trajectories, dispositions and positions of Italian migrants living in the UK
31 August 2017. ESA Biannual Conference, Panteion and Harokopio University, Athens, Greece

Unequal migrations: exploring post-2008 Italian mobility to London and the West Midlands
5 July 2017. EU migration after Brexit, Kingston University London, UK 

How 'liquid' is European migration? Social and cultural structures in the narratives of young Italians living in England
4 April 2017. Recovering the social: Personal troubles and public issues, BSA Annual Conference, University of Manchester, UK

Unequal migrations: notes towards an intersectional ethnography of Italians in England
22 February 2017. Identities in Motion 2: Legacies and Representations of Mobility in Contemporary Italian Culture. University of Warwick [invited talk]

Migration and the politics of classification: before and after Brexit
17 June 2016. The Spectre of Brexit: free movement and European citizenship in question, University of Southampton, UK [video]

Global taste: history, aesthetics, politics
10 Sept. 2016. 9th Midterm conference of the Sociology of Arts network (ESA), University of Porto (Portugal)
5 July 2016. The Contemporary Relevance of Pierre Bourdieu, BSA Bourdieu Study Group Conference, University of Bristol, UK
8 April 2016. Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting, BSA Annual Conference, Aston University, UK

Cultural production and the morality of markets: how popular music critics convert economic power into symbolic capital
8 September 2015. Capitalism, Culture and the Media, University of Leeds, UK

Beyond distinction: theorising cultural evaluation as a social encounter
26 August 2015. ESA Biannual Conference, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
29 May 2015. BSA Early Career Theorists Symposium, Goldsmiths College, UK (discussant: Prof. Les Back)