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Cultural Participation in the 21st Century - 9 January at 10.30, IAS Seminar Room (F204)


Cultural participation has been a longstanding topic of fascination for scholars in the social sciences and humanities. However, established intellectual boundaries - between high culture and popular media, between different cultural genres and academic disciplines - may prevent dialogue between researchers studying different cultural forms and institutions.

This one-day symposium aims to promote conversation between scholars researching cultural participation from different intellectual traditions. It hosts four speakers who are engaging with new areas of research as well as new methodological challenges. The event will explore topics like cultural taste and digital media, the emergence of festival networks in popular music, the role of museums in exhibiting national-political memory, and the rise of 'creative industries training' in Higher Education.

A concluding roundtable will ask participants why cultural participation 'matters', and why trans and interdisciplinary dialogue may be beneficial for studying it.