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2016, Globalization, Music and Cultures of Distinction: The Rise of Pop Music Criticism in Italy (Palgrave Macmillan)


Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

2018, Reconceptualizing aesthetic cosmopolitanism: evidence from the early consecration of Anglo-American pop-rock in Italy, American Behavioral Scientist (pre-print)

2016, Beyond distinction: theorising cultural evaluation as a social encounter, Cultural Sociology, Vol. 10(2), 160-177 (pre-print)

2015, Cultural production and the morality of markets: popular music critics and the conversion of economic power into symbolic capital, Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, Media and the Arts, Vol. 51, 1-16 (pre-print)

2014, Bourdieu and the sociology of cultural evaluation: lessons from the Italian popular music press, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia (Italian Review of Sociology), Vol. 55(1), 121-148 (post-print)

2012, Rockin' the jazz biopic: changing images of African American musicians in Hollywood biographical films, Jazz Research Journal 6(1), 27-46 (post-print) 

2012, Is that girl a monster? Some notes on authenticity and artistic value in Lady Gaga, Celebrity Studies 3(2), 256-258 (post-print)

Book Chapters

2016, "Cultura di classe in pillole": il folk revival e le pratiche del giornalismo musicale italiano, in G. Plastino (ed.), La musica folk. Storie, protagonisti e documenti del revival in Italia (Milano: Il Saggiatore) (pre-print)

Online Publications

2018 (October), Curiosity, intelligence and spirit of adventure: challenging misconceptions about low-skilled EU migrants, LSE Brexit Blog

2017 (June), EU migrants: differences, inequalities and distinctions, The Sociological Review Blog

2017 (April), La peggio giovent├╣: musica pop, disuguaglianze e fan shaming in Italia, Rockit

2017 (February), Per le masse e i ragazzini: scrivere di musica pop in Italia, Rockit

2016 (November), Whose culture is global? Listening to Anglo-American pop music in Italy, Discover Society

2016 (June), Brexit, migration and the politics of classification, Thinking Sociologically about the EU Referendum, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick

2014 (March), Cracking open cultural experiences: what else may sociology tell us about art?, The #culturalvalue Initiative

Conference Proceedings

2012, Music, journalism, and the study of cultural change, in East Asia and Globalisation in Comparison. International Postgraduate and Academic Conference (Seoul: Chung-Ang University), pp. 97-107 (post-print)


2014, Review of Yann Moulier-Boutang, Cognitive Capitalism, Cultural Trends, Vol. 23, n. 1

2013, Challenging dominant discourses of the past: 1968 and the value of oral history, Memory Studies, Volume 6, n. 1

2012, Review of Jeffrey Alexander, Performance and Power, The Sociological Review, Vol. 60, n. 3, August

2012, Review of Marco Santoro, Effetto Tenco: genealogia della canzone d'autore, Modern Italy, Vol. 17, n. 2

2011, Review of Peter Webb, Exploring the Networked Worlds of Popular Music, The Sociological Imagination, July 4