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Publications, Conference Papers, and Relevant Experience



Dytham, S. (2018) ‘The Construction and Maintenance of Exclusion, Control and Dominance through Secondary School Students’ Sitting Practices’, British Journal of Sociology of Education, doi: 10.1080/01425692.2018.1455494
Dytham, S. (2018) 'The role of popular girls in bullying and intimidating boys and other popular girls in secondary school', British Educational Research Journal, 44(2), 212-229.
Dytham, S. (2017) 'A framework of postgraduate collaboration: postgraduate collaborative space in a UK university', Studies in Higher Education, doi:10.1080/03075079.2017.1371688.
Dytham, S. and Rowell, C. R. (2015) 'Inequality in Education, Innovation in Methods: Reflections and Considerations', Exchanges Journal, 2(2), 277-283.
Rowell, C. R., Dytham, S., Ingram, N. and Nind, M. (2015) 'Special Feature: Inequality in Education – Innovation in Methods, with reflections by Dr Nicola Ingram and Professor Melanie Nind', Exchanges Journal, 2(2), 224-233.

Research Outputs and Reports
Crawford, C., Dytham, S. and Naylor, R. (2017) ‘Improving the Evaluation of Outreach: Proposed Standards of Evaluation Practice and Associated Guidance’, Office for Fair Access (OFFA), Available at: 
Crawford, C., Dytham, S. and Naylor, R. (2017) ‘Improving the Evaluation of Outreach: Interview Report’, Office for Fair Access (OFFA), Available at:
Dytham, S. and Hughes, C. (2017) ‘Widening participation research and evaluation: where are we now?’, University of Warwick. Available at:


Dytham, S. (April 2018) ‘Fights, faggots and absolute mingers: dominance, aggression and ‘masculinity’ in young women’. At: British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2018, Newcastle, UK.
Dytham, S. and Stanistreet, D. (Nov 2017) Workshop: Methods, Methodologies and Approaches. At: 'Why Evaluate: A Widening Participation Sympoisum', Office for Fair Access, University of Sheffield, UK.
Naylor, R. and Dytham, S. (Feb 2017) Workshop: Evaluating Outreach Activities. At: ‘Developing your 2018-19 access agreement’ conference (Office for Fair Access (OFFA), Action on Access and Universities UK), London, UK.
Dytham, S. (April 2016) Conference: “God here we go, a big emotional story”: ‘Popular’ and ‘Geek’ Positionings in Student Interactions and The Challenges of ‘Popular’ Students. At: Global Societies: Fragmenting and Connecting, British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2016, Birmingham, UK.
Dytham, S. (June 2015) Conference: '"That's not your seat": The Meaning and Method of Sitting in Secondary School'. At: Feminisms, Power and Pedagogy: 10th International Biennial Conference of the Gender and Education Association, University of Roehampton, London, UK.
Dytham, S. (Nov 2013) Conference: 'Researching Popularity in Secondary School Using Focus Groups and/or Group Interviews'. At: The British Sociological Association Youth Study Group Workshop, London, UK
Dytham, S. (Sept 2013) Conference: 'The Dynamic and Contestable Nature of Friendship Groups at Secondary School'. At: Young People’s Educational Identities in Challenging Times, The British Sociological Association Sociology of Education Study Group Conference, London, UK.


Relevant Experience

Editorial Board Membership

I am a member of the IJSRM Editorial Board and review articles submitted for publication to the International Journal of Social Research Methodology (IJSRM).

Special Feature

In November 2014 a colleague and I organised a conference entitled:
'Inequality in Education - Innovation in Methods' (IEIM).
This conference was funded by the ESRC (Warwick DTC) - Award value £1,100.

Resulting Publications:

After the conference, we organised a special feature, including a collection of articles from the conference which was published in the Exchanges Journal in April 2015.