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Current and Previous Research


Current Research

I am currently a Research Fellow in the Centre for Education Studies at The University of Warwick.
Current Projects
Research to understand successful approaches to supporting the most academically able disadvantaged pupils
Funder: Department for Education
Qualitative interviews with school senior leaders to investigate successful approaches to supporting the most academically able disadvantaged pupils after transition from primary to secondary education.

Encouraging more girls to study maths and physics at A-level: what works?
Funder: STEM Skills Fund
This project focuses on girls who have demonstrated strong potential to do well in maths and physics – those predicted to achieve at least grade 7 in maths, physics or combined science GCSE – and will investigate the determinants of these girls’ A-level choices, to better understand why they do or do not apply to go on to study maths or physics at A-level. It will also explore the effectiveness of one approach to increasing the participation rates of girls in these subjects, by offering a scholarship to support girls who choose to apply for these subjects.
This project will provide new insights into the types of interventions that are likely to be most effective at increasing the percentage of girls taking STEM subjects at A-level and beyond, with a view to informing the design of a large-scale randomised control trial of one such intervention
Additional Roles
I also work as a Research Assistant for the Warwick Observatory for Social Mobility (WOfSM)The Warwick Observatory for Social Mobility has been established to act as an international centre of expertise in the development of evaluation and impact measures for social mobility, widening participation and access.
I am a member of the Advisory Group for The Pedagogy of Methodological Learning research project. This is a three-year research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of a package of research by the National Centre for Research Methods. It is intended to promote pedagogical development for advanced social science research methods.


Previous Research

Improving the evaluation of outreach
Position: Researcher
In August 2016 OFFA commissioned a team led by Dr Claire Crawford and Professor Robin Naylor from the University of Warwick to investigate how universities and colleges evaluate their outreach schemes, working in partnership with a group of universities and other key sector bodies. Drawing on survey data collected from universities with an access agreement, along with interviews with widening participation staff in eight institutions, the team have developed proposed standards of evaluation practice which are designed to be usable across diverse institutions within a changing higher education landscape.
PhDSPACEs Project: Physical and Digital Spatial Practices and Campus Experiences
Position: Principal Investigator
Award Value: £8,000
The PhDSPACEs Project is an interdisciplinary research project which aims to gain a better understanding of the use and provision of space (physical and digital) at university and the impact this has on postgraduate engagement and creating a sense of community.
PhD Research
Title: 'Relational Popularity and Social Status n Secondary School'.
This research focuses on social status and the notion of ‘popularity’ in secondary schools. This takes the form of a year long ethnography in a secondary school including observations, interviews, focus groups and visual methods. The study explores what discourses of ‘popularity’ pupils construct, how they become positioned within 'popularity hierarchies’ and how these notions relate to constructions of self and identity.
Supervisors: Cath Lambert and Christina Hughes.