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Elinor M. Lloyd

Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio!

After completing my law degree at the University of Sussex in 2009, I went on to complete an MA in Child Studies at King’s College London with the intention of qualifying as a solicitor and specialising in family law. However, during my second year at KCL I stumbled across an article on the co-occurrence of domestic abuse, child abuse and nonhuman animal abuse. My thesis, “Recognising the Link between animal abuse and child abuse: interagency cooperation in England and Wales” examined the role of animal welfare professionals in identifying abuse.

As the research progressed, it became increasingly clear that the subject was so complex as to require further empirical research and in-depth exploration and so I decided to pursue it to PhD level. I joined the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick in September 2012.

The title of my thesis is:

Exploring child-animal relationships and identifying risk indicators for the co-occurrence of child and animal maltreatment in violent homes.

My thesis examines child-nonhuman animal relationships and is set against a backdrop of statistical data evidencing the possible co-occurrence of child and nonhuman animal abuse in domestic abuse cases.

My supervisors are Prof. Nickie Charles and Dr. Richard Lampard.

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Elinor M. Lloyd

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