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Conference presentations and other events

  • Writing Retreat for Early Career Researchers facilitated by Prof. Rowena Murray and organised by the Sociological Review Fund. Gartmore, Scotland. (Sep 14-16, 2016).
  • Fighting back, giving in, "girl"ing up: accounts of difference, oppression and emancipation. 24th European Conference on South Asian Studies. University of Warsaw, Poland. (Jul 27-30, 2016).
  • 'What if equality': re-imagining ethics, rethinking knowledge production. 8th ENQUIRE Postgraduate Conference: Issues of Power in Social Research. University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK (7 November, 2015).
  • Decolonisation, feminism and ethnography: calling myself into account. Feminist Research Methodologies: Challenges and Negotiations. Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK (30 October, 2015).
  • Unequal schools: gender, class and "empowerment" in Indian classrooms. Inequalities and Social Justice Postgraduate conference 2015. University of Warwick (July 10, 2015).
  • Gendering "Education", Gendering "Quality": Accounts of Learning, Inequality and Difference from India. Gender and Education Association Biennial Conference, 2015. University of Roehampton, London, UK (24-26 June, 2015).
  • (Poster presentation) Un/doing ‘gender’: girls’ lives at school. Postgraduate Research Showcase, University of Warwick (June 10, 2015).
  • Thinking Emancipation, "Rethinking Education": Difference, Oppression and Resistance in Indian Classrooms. "Crossing Boundaries", Annual Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Student Conference 2014, Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry (May 10, 2014). Won the Best Presentation award in the strand 'Criticality and Creativity' for this.
  • Airing Differences (?): Homosexuality & its Media Representations in India. Feminist Inquiry term-paper presentation, Graduate Consortum in Women's Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (May 9, 2012).
  • How Sociocultural Background Affects Children's Classroom Interaction. Dissertation presentation, MA in Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (June 9, 2011).
  • Researching enactment of rights from below: Ethical and political concerns, and human rights as a radical element in research. Methodology Workshop with Anna Lundberg (Malmö University), Borders, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Network, the University of Warwick (Jun 16, 2015).
  • Philosophy and Social Sciences 2014, ASCR, Prague (May 22-May25, 2014). Discussant at PhD workshop attached to the conference: relevance of Ernst Junger's The Forest Passage to resistance politics today.