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Curriculum Vitae

In terms of work and personal-professional growth I have done a variety of things and followed an unconventional learning curve...
  • taught children from underprivileged backgrounds in an informal context - under a project I planned, found resources for, and executed during my undergraduate years;

  • studied Physics at Master's level

  • volunteered with a shelter for children in need of care and protection (children running away from or rescued from trafficking, abusive homes, etc.)

  • worked freelance working on documentation and funding proposals for a trade union for women workers in India's unorganised sector.

  • obtained a second Master's in Education

  • analysed policy, and organised action against unfair and exploitative legislation in education for an organisation working for the right to education in India; organised and was part of action for rights of workers, women's and victims of industrial disaster in India and USA.

  • developed high school science curriculum for a year

  • written for newspapers, webjournals and magazines

  • developed course material for a postgraduate programme in Gendered Citizenship

. . . . . . .

Further details of my professional and educational qualifications can be found in my resume.