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Other work at Warwick

Editing Law, Social Justice and Global Development

Apart from my doctoral work I have found several other exciting things to do at Warwick. One of the first opportunities that came my way was membership of the Editorial Committee of the prestigious Warwick journal, Law, Social Justice and Global Development. More information on the journal can be found here.

Centre for Study of Women and Gender (CSWG)

Women's and Gender Studies is one of the doctoral pathways available to students at the department. The other two are Sociology and Social Policy. While I have chosen Sociology, I am also part of CSWG events at the department. I am a member of the Graduate Seminar Series Group and have helped organise a series of seminars by postgraduate students acroos the UK on issues relating to gender. Informaiton on current and past events organised by the centre can be found here.

Another event that I was part of was the workshop "Daring to be Bad" around the idea of feminist rage, which took place on June 12, 2014. I organised this event with Dr. Katharina Karcher, who was a postdoctoral fellow at German Studies department at Warwick at the time. Her own work deals centrally with the notion of feminist rage and negative emotions.

For those interested in the Centre, its activities and research interests, you might like to take a look at the CSWG webpage.

Other Workshops

I have been fortunate enough to work as a postgraduate assistant on the project, Contested and Possible Sovereignties: The "State" of Kashmir. Headed by Dr. Goldie Osuri, Assistant Professor at the department, the project was an opportunity for me to learn more about both the situation in Kashmir, and its multiple aspects - from pscyhological issues faced by families of disappeared persons in the valley, to the question of Kashmiri identity for people of Kashmir (including areas oocupied by India and Pakistan). Recordings from the talk and information on speakers is available on the department website. The most striking aspect of the workshop was that we were able to bring together and generate a dialogue among very diverse stakeholders: poets, researchers, economists and policy makers.

A Warwick education initiative in India

In 2016 I worked as a consultant on the Warwick action research project, A Fair Chance for Education: Gendered Pathways to Educational Success in Haryana, India. The project site is a north Indian state and involves partner orgnaisations and institutions in India. It has both research and practice components and is being devleoped as a long-term initiative (5-10 years).

Further details of the project can be found here.

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