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Elsa T. Oommen


I am a visiting fellow at the Department of Sociology, Warwick. I have recently won a Sociological Review Kick Start Grant to conduct a pilot study, using rights framework, into the lives of long-term Caribbean migrants in the UK, who moved to the UK before 1971.

Previously, I conducted my doctoral research (2013-2018) at the Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. My doctoral thesis is the first academic study of participants on the UK's current Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS), which has recently gained prominence in the Brexit economy. My doctoral project was funded by the Warwick Chancellor's International Scholarship.

In my thesis titled Migration for ‘work and play’: Hierarchies of privilege among Youth Mobility Scheme participants in London', I argued that the construction of 'mobile subjects' on the Tier-5 YMS of contemporary Points-Based System of UK immigration must be analysed through 'hierarchies of privilege', that are shaped along nationality, 'race', gender, class and historic-colonial links between participating countries and the UK.

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