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My Research


To start with, my interest in migration and diverse human movements stemmed from my brief association with a research project on the political economy of women's migration at the Centre for Development Studies, India. The agential approach to migration was predominant in the relevant literature, but took an economic reasoning to it. This got me interested to study patterns of migration and mobility for leisure and adventure while employing a gender lens to it.

Working holidays as a phenomenon which straddles tourism and migration presented an avenue to explore such intersections of tourism, migration and mobilities presenting an opportunity to study it within the state discourses of managed immigration while also analysing how those on working holiday understand their travel, their motivations, gendered identities and gender norms of travel and migration. This brought me to the youth mobility scheme of the UK which is part of the Tier-5 Points Based System (PBS) of immigration to the UK.

My particular research interests in analysing the youth mobility scheme to the UK are in how the state immigration framework shapes young adults’ mobilities and work patterns, how young adults themselves make sense of their participation in the scheme and how what is presented as a gender-neutral strand of immigration policy may be shaped by, and in turn shape, gender norms and the gendered identities of the participants.