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I've had multiple opportunities to organise conferences and workshops at both York and Warwick, including:

- Respondant for a departmental seminar with Jonathan Hearn in (February 2015)

- Took part in a Writing Workshop for the Social Sciences in conjunction with the Universities of Monash, Newcastle, Leicester, Kent and Warwick, which took place at Monash's Prato Campus in Italy (June 2015)

- Organised a workshop at York entitled 'Digital Byproduct Data and the Sociological Imagination' arranging funding from both the department and the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre (May 2013)

- I've been involved in organising and running a number of high-profile conferences, including: York Deviancy Conference (2011) / Symbolic Power and Urban Inequality: Taking Bourdieu to Town (2012) / The Post-Crash City (2013) / York Neoliberalism Conference (2013)

Conference Videos and Recordings

I have often been employed to record events, as well as edit videos and sound, in order to extend events beyond their immediate setting, give them a lasting impact and allow participation from outside the academy. Here are some events I have recorded footage for:

Theories and Methodologies Cluster / APT 2015 symosium: Occupational Hazards (Palestine/Kashmir) & Dialogues and Work in Progress, May 2015

Social Theory Centre Annual Lecture 2015: Imogen Tyler on 'Classificatory Struggles: Class Culture and Inequality in Neoliberal Times', May 2015

APT 2014: Power in a World of Becoming, Entanglement & Attachment, University of Warwick, June 2014 [I also ran the Twitter feed]

Max Weber, Markets and Economic Sociology, University of Warwick, May 2014

Contested and Possible Sovereignties: The 'State' of Kashmir Workshop, University of Warwick, March 2014

York Neoliberalism Conference, University of York, June 2013 [I also ran the Twitter feed]


I am first and foremost a social theorist, but I can also teach courses on qualitative methods, methodology and social research practice. I count amongst my specialisms (and am interested in teaching modules on): social movement theory and resistance; continental theory and philosophy; cultural studies and theory; political sociology; economic sociology; critical pedagogy; criminology; and urban theory.

In 2015 I was nominated for the WATE Post-graduate teaching award for excellence at Warwick.

I have been teaching since 2012 where I began on an introductory theory module at York. After moving to Warwick, I have taught on both 'Sociological Perspectives' and 'Economic Sociology'.

Sociological Perspectives is a first year module that I have now been involved with for two years and covered theory as diverse as: Modernity, Marx, Weber, Durkheim & Simmel, Foucault, Douglas, Goffman, Fordism and Post-Fordism, Consumerism, New Social Movements, Riots, the Sociological Imagination, Nationalism and Ritual. Previously, I have also run seminars for a similar course at the University of York entitled 'Introducing Social Theory'. Economic Sociology is a second & third year module, covering theory on neoliberal capitalist society and its genealogy, including: Weber, Simmel, Hayek, Polanyi and Foucault.

In 2015. I proposed a 10-week non-accredited course with Warwick's Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL), entitled: 'Occupy! An Examination of Resistance' which was accepted and advertised by the centre.

I also have been involved in running seminars outside of the department and in 2013 I had the opportunity to run a session with 6th form students as part of YESS (York Experience Summer School).


I see administration as part and parcel of teaching and research in the university. Organisation is key in order to find the time necessary to do administrative tasks promptly and to a high standard. I've had experience with handling student seminar registration; reports; feedback; module evaluations; expenses claims; and organising internet spaces like course blogs or webpages.

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